To Our Guests and Visitors (COVID-19 Preventive Measures at I-House)

At I-House, the safety and well-being of our guests and visitors are always of utmost importance. As such, we have been taking various preventive measures to help prevent the further spread of Covid-19. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the following measures;

・Please go through the thermal camera inspection at the main entrance. (In the case that you are detected with a fever higher than 37.5 ℃, kindly refrain from entering into the building.)
・Please wear a mask in the building. (If you are not wearing a mask, a staff member may ask you to do so.)
・Please sanitize your hands at the building entrance and in other parts of the building.
・If you have symptoms such as fever or coughing, please refrain from visiting I-House.
・If you feel unwell, please let the staff know immediately.
・If you are lodging at I-House, please fill in the health status check sheet at the front desk upon check-in.

Further Preventive Measures at I-House