Asia Pacific Young Leaders Program(APYLP)

APYLP Joint Sessions

In order to connect participants of young leaders programs in the region and to provide continued leadership education, joint sessions will be organized by the International House of Japan (I-House) and its partner institutions in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific. Further details will be posted on this page as soon as the schedule has been set. Those who wish to participate in joint sessions, please check our monthly E-news (for registration→ E-News Registration

◆ FY2020

Date Place Program Hosted by
Apr. 16


IHJ The Role of Sport and Athletes in a Changing World Shahani Associates Limited, I-House

Past Sessions

◆ FY2019

Date Place Program Hosted by
Dec. 6 IHJ India’s Technology and New Values: Human Mobility and Space Shahani Associates Limited, I-House
Nov. 16 IHJ How Technology Can Shape the Future of Asia (Closed Session) I-House
Oct. 29 IHJ What the Future Holds for an LGBT-inclusive Asia Asia Society Japan Center,
Sept. 4 IHJ Religion in Asia: A Possible Role for Peacebuilding Japan Foundation Asia Center,


◆ FY2018

Date Place Program Hosted by
Feb. 2 IHJ Can Renewable Energy Change the World?
-Beyond “An Inconvenient Truth”
Atsumi International
Oct. 30 IHJ Next Generation Leadership Shaping the Future of Asia Pacific (Closed Session) Asia Society, I-House
Oct. 14 IHJ Journalism in Asia: Searching for the Truth Japan Foundation Asia Center,


◆ FY2017

Date Place Program Hosted by
Mar. 31 IHJ Kick-off Forum I-House