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[I-House Lecture]
Realizing the “Asian Century”: Challenges and Promise for the Leading Economies
[I-House Lecture]
“Down and Out in Meiji Japan”—Lessons from the Urban Slums
[I-House Lecture]
8 Habits for Better Productivity and Work Styles in Japan
[I-House Lecture]
Victimhood Nationalism versus Mnemonic Solidarity:
History Reconciliation in East Asia
[I-House Lecture]
Baseball and Diplomacy: A Game Changer for U.S.-Japan Relations
[I-House Lecture/A Concert-Demonstration]
Shakuhachi Meets Flute/Piccolo
[I-House Lecture] Mori Ôgai: A Life of Translation
[I-House Lecture] China’s Populism in the Internet Era
[I-House Lecture]
Memory and Amnesia: Japan-Philippines Relations Reconsidered
[Lunchtime Lecture]
SDGs Transforming Our World: A New Approach to Global Issues
[Lunchtime Lecture]
President Trump and a Divided America
[Lunchtime Lecture]
The Immigration Policy of France Past and Present
―What Japan Can Learn from France
[Lunchtime Lecture] Android and Robot Society–The Cutting-edge Technology Connecting Japan with the World
[Lunchtime Lecture] Why the EU Is Important -Integration and Separation in Europe
[Lunchtime Lecture] New Japan-US Relations and Security in Asia
[Lunchtime Lecture] The Ukraine Crisis and Russia: Understanding the Background and Impact of the Crisis
[Lunchtime Lecture] Japan from the Perspective of a Brazilian Resident in Japan―Rethinking Multicultural Coexistence
[Lunchtime Lecture] Toward a People-friendly Society —Understanding Anxiety in Adolescents
[Lunchtime Lecture] Politics and Challenges in Myanmar ~Driving Forces and Obstacles to Change~
[Lunchtime Lecture] Minorities are Changing American Politics: Change and Continuity
[Lunchtime Lecture] Outlook of Education in Japan —In comparison with the Netherlands where children are the happiest
[Lunchtime Lecture] Understanding Islamic Culture through “Islamic Finance”
[Lunchtime Lecture] Gross National Happiness Spreading around the World from Bhutan: Can GNH Be Applied to Japanese Society?
[Lunchtime Lecture] Myanmar’s Emerging Economy and Changes toward Democracy -Impact on Japan and Asia-
[Lunchtime Lecture] Myanmars Emerging Economy and Changes toward Democracy —Impact on Japan and Asia—
[Lunchtime Lecture] How is Peace Built after Conflict?
[Lunchtime Lecture] “The Arab Spring” that Passed by the Gulf Countries
[Lunchtime Lecture] Change in the Middle East and Future Prospects
[Lunchtime Lecture] The Life of Isamu Noguchi Journey without Borders
[Lunchtime Lecture] The Piracy Issue Off the Coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden
[Lunchtime Lecture] Cities of China in Rapid Transition:Trends of City Reformation, Shenyang, Dalian, and Dujiangyan
[Lunchtime Lecture] The Significance of the “Secret Agreement” Issue: Its Historical Background and the Future of Japan-U.S. Relations
[Lunchtime Lecture] “East Asian Community” — A Fantasy?
[Lunchtime Lecture] Kokugo (National Language) in the Era of English: from a Writer’s Perspective
[Lunchtime Lecture] “Big Power” Russia Now –The Future of the “Tandemocracy”
[Lunchtime Lecture] Learning from Education in Finland: Japanese Education in the World
[Lunchtime Lecture] Iraq: In Search of New U.S. Relations
[Lunchtime Lecture] The New American President and U.S.-Japan Relations
[Lunchtime Lecture] The American Myth, the U.S.-Japan “Salad Bowl”
[Lunchtime Lecture] Cooperation of Kazakhstan and Japan
[Lunchtime Lecture] On the Future of Japan-China Relations
[Lunchtime Lecture] The U.S. Presidential Election and Japan-U.S. Relations