Newly Arrived Books (September 2014)

The newly arrived books in the library are now on display.

A list of books received in the past 40 days (continuously updated)

Recommended materials by the library staff from newly arrived books:

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1. Transnational faiths : Latin-American immigrants and their religions in Japan /
edited by Hugo Córdova Quero and Rafael Shoji

Ashgate, 2014

This book contains 9 papers on the community of Latin-American immigrants and their religions in Japan, based on fieldwork.

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2. Capturing contemporary Japan : differentiation and uncertainty / edited by Satsuki Kawano, Glenda S. Roberts, Susan Orpett Long
University of Hawaiʻi Press, 2014

This book draws upon the work of highly regarded Japan specialists. It features a wealth of information that covers a number of topics demonstrating the changes in Japanese society in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

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3. Performing – painting in Tokugawa Japan : artistic practice and socio-economic functions of sekiga (paintings on the spot) / Alexander Hofmann
Reimer, 2011

This book discusses art of the Edo period, especially painting as a performance such as sekiga (impromptu paintings drawn on the spot such as at a banquet), focusing on the social and economic context.

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4. The only woman in the room : a memoir of Japan, human rights, and the arts / Beate Sirota Gordon
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014

This book is an autobiography by Beate Sirota Gordon, who helped to draft the new postwar Japanese Constitution, as the only woman in the room. She established the rights of Japanese women.

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5. Guide to Kamakura / Ohno Akemi
Kamakura Shunju-sha, 2014

A unique guidebook introducing Kamakura. The author, living in Yokohama, walked around Kamakura for over 7 years. She shows picturesque places and museums to visit, popular hiking trails, annual events, with a lot of pictures of statues, flowers by the street, and cats. She also explains how to worship at temples and shrines.

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