Date Activities
Sept. 2 Introduction
Sept. 3 Workshop
: I: Presentation by Mr. Liu Xin
: II: Presentation by Ms. Sylvia Mayuga
Sept. 4 Workshop
V: Presentation by Ms. Diana Wong
V: Presentation by Ms. Diana Wong

Sept. 7 Workshop
V: Presentation by Ms. Diana Wong
VI: Presentation by Ms. Suwanna Satha-Anand
Sept. 8 Workshop
VII: Discussion on the Collaborative Research
Sept. 9 Seminar
“Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region–Development and Culture” by Prof. Isami Takeda
(Dokkyo University)
Sept. 11 Seminar
“People’s Asia” by Prof. Hisashi Nakamura (Ryukoku University)
“Japan and Asia from the Maritime Viewpoint” by Prof. Takeshi Hamashita (University of Tokyo)
Sept. 14 Seminar
“Japanese in Bali” by Prof. Shinji Yamashita (University of Tokyo)
Sept. 16 Seminar
“The Social and Cultural Significance of Religion in Japan” by Prof. Yoshiya Abe
(Kokugakuin University)
Sept. 17-19 Symposium
“Population Movement in Southeast Asia: Survival Strategies and Changing Identities”
Sept. 21 Seminar
“Development of the Concept of ‘Development’ in Indonesian Language” by Prof.
Tsuyoshi Kato and Prof. Motoko Shimagami (Kyoto University)
“Politics vs. Literature?: With Illustrations from Indonesia” by Prof.
Umar Kayam (Gadjah Mada University)
Sept. 22 Seminar
“History of Japanese Nationalism” by Mr. Shunsuke Tsurumi
Sept. 25 Seminar
“Intellectual History and Sociology of Knowledge in Japan” by Prof.
Emeritus Takeshi Ishida (University of Tokyo)
Sept. 28 Seminar
on the current situation in Cambodia by Mr. Sichan Siv (Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs)
Sept. 30 Seminar
on “Individual and Culture in International Society” by Prof. Kenichiro Hirano
(Waseda University)
Oct. 1 Seminar
“Nationalism in Modern Japan – National Identity and International Relations”
by Dr. Eiji Oguma (Keio University)
Oct. 2 Workshop
VIII: Free discussion among the Fellows
Oct. 5 Seminar
“The Role of Music in Development and Culture” by Prof. Yoshihiko Tokumaru (Ochanomizu University) & Prof. Max-Peter Baumann (University of Bamburg, Germany)
Oct.6 Seminar
on Japanese Media and Asia by Mr. Noriyuki Wakisaka (Asahi Shimbun)
Oct. 7 Seminar
on the Economic Crisis and Japan by Mr. Tadashi Nakamae (Nakamae Institute of International Economy)
Oct. 8 Introductory seminars on Okinawa:
Okinawa in the International Context” Prof. Masaaki Gabe (University of the Ryukyus)
“The Cocktail Party and Okinawan Identity” by Prof. Katsunori Yamazato (University of the Ryukyus)
Oct. 9 Seminars at the University of the Ryukus:
“Okinawa and the Japanese Constitution” by Prof. Tetsumi Takara
“Development of the Okinawan House and its Succession of the Traditional Design” by Prof. Nobuyuki
Oct. 14 Workshop
IX: Free discussion with Prof. Hisashi Nakamura
Oct. 16 Seminar
“Nationalism and Gender: Revising the Public Memory” by Prof. Chizuko Ueno (University of Tokyo)
Oct. 19 Seminar
“Civil Society and Democratic World Order” by Prof. Emeritus Yoshikazu Sakamoto (University of Tokyo)
Oct. 21 Seminar
on Human Rights by Prof. Kinhide Mushakoji and Prof. Hideaki Uemura (Meiji Gakuin University Totsuka Campus)
Oct. 23 Weekend Retreat in Ito City
Oct. 28 Public Symposium
“Asia in Transition: Localizing Strategies, Globalizing Processes”