The activities of the International House are supported by individual and corporate members.

Membership System

For details of the IHJ Membership System, please refer to this page.
Membership bylaws are also availablehere.


For application procedures, please refer to this page.

Privileges of Membership

Privileges of membership are available on this page.

Member Site

Details are available on this page.

Overseas Affiliated Institutions

Information on affiliated institutions is available on this page.

News for IHJ Members

Information on members forums and events are available on this page.

Introduction Form for Membership (Members Only)

You can introduce a candidate for IHJ membership from this page.
You will receive an I-House Coupon (10,000 yen) if your candidate becomes an I-House member.

IHJ Members' Data—Form for Update

Please use this page to inform the Membership Office of any change of the information registered at the time of enrollment and/or thereafter. The change request can also be made by phone and/or facsimile.


Membership Office
International House of Japan
Tel: 03-3470-3212 (Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm)