Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall in the annex are available for conferences, lectures and large and small group studies.

Lecture Hall

Location Annex 2F
Size (sq.m) 145 m²
Capacity Hollow-square style 50
Classroom style 80
Theater style 120

Room rates (as of Oct. 1, 2019)

Time slot Regular rate Discount rate*
9 am-12 pm 72,050 yen 57,640 yen
1 pm-5 pm 72,050 yen 57,640 yen
6 pm-9 pm 72,050 yen 57,640 yen
full day 194,260 yen 155,430 yen

The prices include consumption tax (as of Oct. 1, 2019).
*Discount rates are applicable for IHJ members and those whose use of facilities meets the criteria of the public interest purposes of the I-House. Please contact the I-House for further information.

Inquiries and Reservations

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