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I-House provides opportunities to deepen international understanding through such activities as lectures, symposiums, cultural events, and human development and networking programs.

Most of the programs are open to the public, both members and non-members. Please check each program below for more information.

Lectures, Symposia, Performances

We regularly organize lectures with a focus on “Japan” as a common interest and seminars which invite experts from various fields to talk about timely issues. Architalk is a program series focusing on seeing the world through architecture. In addition, special programs are held by prominent intellectuals we invite to Japan, along with concerts and other arts programs.

Programs to Understand Japan I-House Lecture
I-House Academy HJ Arts Program
I-House Public Programs

Intellectual Exchange, Fellowships, Seminars

I-House organizes fellowships to promote intercultural intellectual dialogue and networking, training programs for the younger generation to become global leaders, and the US-Japan Creative Artists Program.

ALFP I-House Ushiba Fellowship
日印人物交流プログラム Nitobe Kokusai Juku
US-Japan Creative Artists' Program Asia Pacific Young Leaders Program


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