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IHJ sponsors the IHJ Artists Forums series to provide a venue for the US-Japan Creative Artists Program Fellow to present their works and meet other artists. The I-House also produces occasional concerts and artistic events to promote mutual cultural understanding between Japan and the rest of the world.


[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Artist Talk]
Engaging Through the Threshold

  • Tuesday, December 19, 7:00 pmPhoto: Elaine Buckholz
  • Venue: Lecture Hall, International House of Japan
  • Artist: Quynh Vantu (Architect; US-Japan Creative Artists Program Fellow)
  • Language: English (with consecutive interpretation)
  • Co-sponsored by the Japan-US Friendship Commission (JUSFC) 
  • Admission: Free (reservations required)Icon: Registration

Trained and licensed as an architect, Quynh Vantu explores the relationship between buildings, space, and the body using dynamic architectural forms that bring about communication. Working between art and architecture, Vantu’s interdisciplinary practice is devoted to spatial experimentation and site specificity, drawing influences from the places she visits. Her work is inspired by American “southern hospitality” and its porch culture, and Japanese architectural features like the engawa, both of which act as transitional zones that blur the boundaries between inside and outside, subtly choreographing patterns of social interaction.

Photographs are courtesy of the artist.  


[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Artist Talk]
Engaging Through the Threshold
[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Solo Performance]
[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Artist Talk]
Spinning Night in Living Color: Light Installations by Elaine Buckholtz
[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Screening]
Cocktail Party
[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Reading]
Between Flame and Flight


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