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IHJ sponsors the IHJ Artists Forums series to provide a venue for the US-Japan Creative Artists Program Fellow to present their works and meet other artists. The I-House also produces occasional concerts and artistic events to promote mutual cultural understanding between Japan and the rest of the world.


[IHJ Artists’ Forum / Dance Performance & Talk]
BUSCARTE (Searching for You)

  • Tuesday, December 11, 7:00 pmPhoto: NAVARRETE
  • Venue: 
    Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall, International House of Japan
  • Performers:
    José Navarrete (Choreographer/Dancer; US-Japan Creative Artists Program Fellow)
    Debby Kajiiyama (Choreographer/Dancer)
  • Language: English (with consecutive interpretation)
  • Co-sponsored by the Japan-US Friendship Commission (JUSFC) 
  • Admission: Free (reservations required)Icon: Registration
BUSCARTE (Searching for You) is a performance that contemplates the forensic anthropology findings in the case of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa who were forcibly disappeared in Guerrero, Mexico in 2014. The ongoing search for the students has led to the discovery of other mass graves that reveal the epidemic proportions of the hidden violence. The work contemplates the effect of the trauma of forced disappearance on ever-widening circles in the community. An inquiry of reality and fiction, experimentation and matter-of-facts, BUSCARTE is an elegy, a cathartic dance, a tapestry of motions and emotions in a quest to make visible that which cannot be looked at directly. BUSCARTE is created in collaboration with composer and sound designer Adria Otte who uses voice programming and processing technologies to transform the breath into an immersive soundscape.

All photographs by Scott Tsuchitani



[IHJ Artists’ Forum / Dance Performance & Talk]
BUSCARTE (Searching for You)
[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Artist Talk]
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[IHJ Artists’ Forum/Artist Talk]
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