Asia Pacific Young Leaders Program(APYLP)

A community of young leaders shaping the future of the Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Young Leaders Program (APYLP) is a community of young leaders from the Asia Pacific who will be shaping peace and prosperity for the region in the coming decades. Through the program, International House of Japan (I-House) and its partner institutions, which have been playing an important role to foster understanding within the Asia Pacific, will connect the participants of young leaders programs in the region, provide continued leadership education, and foster intra-regional initiatives. I-House provides a home in Japan for the young leaders to gather. To further this process, joint sessions (partially open to the public) will be held in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific.

What’s APYLP? Kick-off Forum
APYLP Joint Sessions


[APYLP x SGRA Joint Session]
Can Renewable Energy Change the World?
Moving beyond “An Inconvenient Truth”
[ALFP Lecture Series / APYLP Joint Session]
Religion in Asia: A Possible Role for Peacebuilding
[APYLP x Asia 21 Joint Session]*1
Next Generation Leadership Shaping the Future of the Asia Pacific
[ALFP Lecture Series / APYLP Joint Session]
Journalism in Asia: Searching for the Truth
[APYLP Kick-off Forum] Connecting Young Leaders to Envision a Common Future of Peace and Prosperity


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