Library Activities

Library Activities

The library conducts various activities related to strengthening the information infrastructure of Japanese studies.


[Joint Exhibition of Books] “Yasujiro Ozu” (Mar.1-Mar. 30, 2024)

Last year marked the 120th anniversary of the birth and 60th anniversary of the death of Yasujiro Ozu, considered one of the greatest masters of Japanese cinema. The I-House Library and the Bibliothèque de la Maison franco-japonaise will hold a joint exhibition of books in English and French about the internationally renowned filmmaker. For further information, please contact each library.  
  • Period:  Friday, March 1–Saturday, March 30, 2024
  • Place: The Library, International House of Japan
  • Exhibit: English materials on Yasujiro Ozu
[Bibliothèque de la Maison franco-japonaise] 3-9-25 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Tel: 03-5421-7643 / Fax: 03-5421-7653 E-mail: (website in French)


[Joint Exhibition of Books] “Yasujiro Ozu” (Mar.1-Mar. 30, 2024)
[Library Display] Women in Japanese Studies: Memoirs from a Trailblazing Generation Edited by Alisa Freedman (Feb.13, 2024-)
[Library] Joint Exhibition of Books “A Tribute to Endo Shusaku” (Oct. 2-Oct. 31, 2023)
[Joint Exhibition of Books] “Mori Ogai: 160th Anniversary of Birth and Centenary of Death” (Mar. 1-Mar. 31, 2023)
[Library Display]【Special Lecture Series for Members】 Emerging Geoeconomic Risks : One Year from Russian Invasion of Ukraine
[Library Display] Memorial Exhibition for Professor Ian Nish (Dec. 5, 2022)
[Library Display] Modanizumu kenchiku kiko: Nippon no senzenki, sengo 1940–50 nendai no kenchiku (Notes on Japanese Modern Architecture)
[Library Display] Shiawase na Meikenchiku tachi: Sumu Hito, Sasaeru Hito ni Manabu 42 no Tsukiai-kata (Blessed Buildings: 42 Ways to Keep Architectural Landmarks Happy)
[Joint Exhibition of Books] Ryukyu/Okinawa: Joint Book Exhibition on 50th Anniversary of Okinawa’s Reversion
[Joint Exhibition of Books] The City of Tokyo: Past and Present
[Joint Exhibition of Books] World Heritage in Japan
[Library Display] Bunka koryū wa hito ni hajimari hito ni owaru : watashi no Kokusai Bunka Kaikan monogatari
[Library Display] Asia Leadership Fellow Program(ALFP)Brochure
[Library Display] Memorial Exhibition for Professor Ezra Vogel
[Library Display] Meikenchiku de chushoku o: Ofisharu bukku
[Joint Exposition of Books] Ten years from 3.11
[Library Display] Yume no hoteru no tsukurikata
[Library Display] Matsukata Collection & Related Books
[Joint Exposition of Books] On the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Yukio Mishima
[Exhibition of Books] Spring in Japanese
[Exhibition of Books] Memorial Exhibition for Mr. Fumio Matsuo
[Joint Exposition of Books] A Tribute to Kawabata Yasunari
[Joint Exposition of Books] Nō and Kyōgen
[Exposition of Books] Memorial Exposition for Professor Donald Keene
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] Craig Mod—The Walk and Talk: Koya Bound and Walk Design
[Joint Exposition of Books] Basho&Haiku
[The James C. Abegglen Memorial Collection at the International House of Japan Library 10th Anniversary Session]
[Joint Exposition of Books] Kabuki・Bunraku
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] Elise Wessels and Marije Jansen Talk about Japan: Modern – Japanese Prints from the Elise Wessels Collection
[Joint Exposition of Books] 90 Year Memorial for Akutagawa Ryūnosuke
[Joint Exposition of Books] The Bakumatsu -the end of the Edo period-
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] Itoh Keiko talks about Japanese in Britain, 1863-2001: A Photographic Exhibition
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
I-House members and others read The Dreaming of the Bones by W. B. Yeats, featuring the Noh play Nishikigi, in a session arranged by Ogoura Kazuo
[Joint Exposition of Books] Natsume Sōseki Centennial
[Library] Award for Organizations of Distinguished Services from the Japan Special Libraries Association
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] John C. Weber talks about A New Yorker’s View of the World: The John C. Weber Collection
[Joint Exposition of Books] Architecture in Japan
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] Ambassador Radu Şerban reads from his book Closer to the Sky (Sora e Ayumu)
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] Kent Calder reads from Wind of the Age : Collected Reflections : April, 2014–March, 2015
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
Nassrine Azimi and Michel Wasserman read from Last Boat to Yokohama : The Life and Legacy of Beate Sirota Gordon
[Joint Exposition of Books] 50 Year Memorial for Tanizaki Junichiro
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
I-House Members read The Lady Aoi
—from Five Modern Noh Plays by Mishima Yukio, featuring a traditional Noh play, in a session arranged by Mr. Ogoura Kazuo
[Joint Exposition of Books] English Materials on Nuclear Energy in Japan
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
Giorgio Amitrano reads from Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
[Joint Exposition of Books] Materials on “Washoku” and French Cuisine as Cultural Heritage
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
Sir David Warren reads from The Custom House by Francis King
The World of Gerald Vizenor Special Lecture Series in Tokyo
Lecture 2 [Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
Gerald Vizenor reads from his latest work Favor of Crows
[Joint Exposition of Books] English materials on the March 11 Tohoku earthquake
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
Ambassador Lars Vargö reads from Out by Natsuo Kirino
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library]
Gayle K. Sato reads from Tropic of Orange by Karen Tei Yamashita
[Joint Exposition of Books] Japanese Literature in English
[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] Roger Buckley reads from Fireworks and unpublished works by Angela Carter
[Japan Specialist Workshop] 2013 Symposium
[Japan Specialist Workshop] 2012 Open Meeting
[Japan Specialist Workshop] 2012 List of Participants
[Japan Specialist Workshop] 2012 Call for Participants
[Japan Specialist Workshop] 2011 Participants
[Japanese Studies Information Specialist Training Workshop]


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