[Reading about Japan at I-House Library] Elise Wessels and Marije Jansen Talk about Japan: Modern – Japanese Prints from the Elise Wessels Collection

  • *This event has finished.
  • Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 7:30 pm
  • Venue: The Library, International House of Japan
  • Speakers: Elise Wessels (Director, Nihon no Hanga, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Marije Jansen (Curator of Japanese prints, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Language: English (without interpretation)
  • Admission: IHJ members & Library members: Free, Non-members: 1,500 yen
  • (reservations required, including a glass of wine) 
  • *This program will be held thanks to a contribution from an I-House member.

Elise Wessels and Marije Jansen will talk about Elise Wessels’ Japanese Taisho-period print collection, which is to be donated to the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The collection is known for its beauty and stylishness. Please enjoy the talk, and the opportunity to have conversation with Elise and Marije over a nice glass of wine.

Elise Wessels

Photo: Elise WesselsBorn in The Netherlands in 1943. Director of Nihon no Hanga, a private museum with a large collection of early 20th-century Japanese prints. Patron of a variety of national and international musical institutions, for which she has received many awards internationally and in the Netherlands. Her Für Elise Foundation helps Japanese musicians in the Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to obtain better instruments. Member of the International Council of the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the Society of Friends of Bayreuth.

Marije Jansen

Photo: Marije JansenBorn in the Netherlands in 1977. Received an MA in Japanese Language and Culture from Leiden University, specializing in Japanese prints, and studied Western art history at the University of Amsterdam. She is curator of Japanese prints at the Rijksmuseum, the National Museum of The Netherlands, visiting research scholar at Waseda University in Tokyo and editor for Andon, the Journal of the Society for Japanese Arts. She has published widely on the subject of Japanese prints.