The activities of the International House of Japan (I-House) are supported by the members—the many broadminded and engaged individuals/corporates in society that recognize the importance of I-House’s mission and appreciate the tangible and intangible benefits that membership can confer. Besides the usage of the House facilities with a member rate, our members are invited to attend members-only social gatherings and lectures by renowned speakers from Japan and abroad. I-House is also affiliated with a number of overseas private clubs, which are not open to the public and our members have the privilege of using them, with a Letter of Introduction issued by I-House. To become a member, an application needs to be seconded by two existing members and approved by the Membership Committee.

Membership System


Initial donation Annual dues Special conditions
Individual members Living in Japan 400,000 yen or
200,000 yen*
(100,000 yen if 45 years old or younger)
30,000 yen Requires recommendations from two current members
Living outside Japan 300,000 yen or
100,000 yen*
(50,000 yen if 45 years old or younger)
15,000 yen

*The amount of the initial donation will not affect a member's privileges and rights.
*The initial donation may be waived or discounted when a relative of an I-House member applies for membership.
*The initial donation requirement will be discounted or waived for ambassadors, ministers, and cultural officers of foreign diplomatic missions in Japan.
*We are currently not accepting new applications for lifetime, term, corporate, program, or library memberships.

Inquiry and Contact

Membership Department
International House of Japan
Tel: 03-3470-9115 (Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm)