Affiliated Institutions

The International House of Japan is affiliated with a number of overseas private clubs, which are not open to the public. For example, the Cosmos Club in Washington D.C., which is one of the most prestigious clubs in the United States, is one of our affiliated institutions. Our members* have the privilege of using them, with a Letter of Introduction issued by IHJ. Below you can find the names and websites of clubs and the procedure when you wish to use them.

*Individual Members (incl. Term Members), Representatives of Corporate Members

Current Affiliated Institutions

The Australian Club (Melbourne, Australia)

Capital Club Dubai (Dubai, UAE)

The Cornell Club New York (New York, U.S.A.)

The Cosmos Club (Washington, D.C., U.S.A.)

India International Centre (New Delhi, India)

The Indus Club (Mumbai, India)
(Members residing in Mumbai are not eligible to use the club.)

International Club Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

The National Liberal Club (London, U.K.)

The Reform Club (London, U.K.)

The Tanglin Club (Singapore)
(Members residing in Singapore are not eligible to use the club.)

The Union Club of Boston (Boston, U.S.A.)

University House (Canberra, Australia)

How to use these clubs

1. Make a reservation directly with the relevant club, clarifying that you are a member of the International House of Japan

2. Ask the IHJ Membership Department to issue an introductory letter

3. The IHJ Membership Department will send a letter to the relevant club via email with cc to the requestor (The reservation will be valid when the relevant club receives the introductory letter).

4. The original introductory letter can be mailed via post to the requestor, if requested.

5. Present your membership card when visiting the relevant club.


1. Members are required to settle all outstanding charges prior to leaving the affiliated club paying by cash or credit card. Charging to an IHJ member account is not possible.

2. Please follow the dress code and other rules of each club.

3. There may be certain restriction such as curfew.

4. Some clubs prohibit visitors from taking pictures in the club to protect members' privacy.

Each club has its own house rules, so please confirm further details when using.


Membership Department
International House of Japan
Tel: 03-3470-9115 (Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm)