[Japan Specialist Workshop] 2012 Open Meeting

The International House of Japan and the National Diet Library are jointly sponsoring the Japan Specialist Workshop “Access to the Culture and Society of Contemporary Japan” 2012, from February 14 to 22, 2012. The participants are working on various themes in the humanities (history, literature, art, philosophy and religion) relating to Japan.

The workshop is designed for Japanese Studies researchers/academics and Japanese information specialists who are active overseas. The aim is to enhance skills and knowledge for accessing the latest information as well as to build personal networks with the people they meet through their research.

This Open Meeting is an opportunity to share the experience and knowledge that the participants acquired during this workshop with the audience. Please come and join us.

*The Japan Specialist Workshop is supported by the Japan Foundation.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 1:00-4:30 pm
  • Venue: Kabayama-Matsumoto Room, IHJ
  • Moderator: Sven Saaler, Associate Professor, Sophia University
  • Language: Japanese (no English translation provided)
  • Admission: Free
  • Presenters: Participants in the Japan Specialist Workshop

1:00-2:45 Part 1: Japanese studies researchers

Leena Elina Eerolainen
(Ph.D. Candidate, University of Helsinki, Finland)
Contemporary Japanese horror films seen through the eyes of Japanese film scholars and directors
Agnese Haijima
(Associate Professor, University of Latvia)
Motifs of humour found in Japanese paintings
Ekaterina Lebedeva
(Lecturer, Far Eastern State University of Humanities, Russia)
Idiomatic phrase in Early Japanese literature
David Mervart
(Assistant Professor, Heidelberg University, Germany)
Tokugawa Geographies: Between the Well-Field Squares of the Ancient Sages and the Longitudinal Grid of the Red-Hairs
Katarzyna Anna Sonnenberg
(Lecturer, Jagiellonian University, Poland)
Meiji literature living today: the contemporary interpretation of Ichiyo Higuchi

2:45-2:55 break

2:55-4:30 Part 2: Japanese information specialists

hn Hye kyong
(Librarian, National Library of Korea)
Classification and cataloging method of classics (old books)td>
Asato Noriko
(Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, U.S.A.)
Declaration on Freedom of the liberty (Declaration of freedom) – Why was the declaration created?
Antony Patrice Boussemart
(Deputy Librarian, École Française d’Extrême-Orient, France)
Creating the bibliography for the “World of Japanese New Religion”
Hatta Ayako
(Japanese Studies Librarian, Monash University, Australia)
Dissemination and utilization issues in spreading the electronic resources to university libraries
Suzuki Saeko
(Tateuchi Cataloger for Japanese Retrospective Conversion, University of Washington East Asia Library, U.S.A.)
Humanities research support through the systematization of classical Japanese documents


For those wishing to participate, please email us with your name, occupation, and email address, before February 13(Mon.), 2012.

International House of Japan Library
tel: 03(3470)3213 / e-mail: infolib@i-house.or.jp