Use of the I-House Garden

The garden at the International House of Japan—designed by famed landscape artist Jihei Ogawa VII and commissioned by Koyata Iwasaki—is evocative of the styles of the Momoyama (late 16th century) and early Edo (early 17th century) periods and offers a charming backdrop to a variety of events.

Usage Areas

Photo: Area A Photo: Area B
Area A: In front of the Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall in the East Wing Area B: In front of the Kabayama-Matsumoto Room


Usage Fees

Image: B1 Floor Layout
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Half-day (up to 6 hours): 50,000 yen
All-day (6 hours or more): 100,000 yen

Usage fees will be charged in the following cases
 1. When using a reflector (of over 32 square cm)
 2. Commercial photos/videos using a model
 3. Pre-wedding photos with wedding dress
 4. For use with tables, chairs, folding screens, etc.
*The above fees are per area (tax included).
*An additional 10% service charge will be levied.
*As a rule, use of the garden is for members only (media inquiries should be made to the Communications group).
*Please ask about usage hours.
*To use the garden, reservations must also be made of the adjacent Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall (for Area A users) or the Kabayama-Matsumoto Room (for Area B users) requiring an additional fee.


• Hotel guests and members will be informed of the priority use of the garden, but please be advised that they will not be restricted from strolling through the garden.
• The use of fire is strictly prohibited.
• No food or drink may be brought from outside.
• Playing musical instruments, using speakers, or singing loudly are strictly prohibited.
• Sales activities on the premises are not allowed.
• Users will be asked to compensate for any damage to property, including plants.
• Please consult in advance when you have plans to install your own equipment.
• Please consult in advance when you need use the power supply.

Inquiries and Reservations

Banquet Reservations
International House of Japan
TEL: 03-3470-4616 (10:00-18:00, Closed on Sundays & Holidays)
FAX: 03-3470-3210