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ケーキThe photo is for illustrative purposes only.


  • Prices in brackets indicate discount rates (20% OFF).
    *Discount rates are applicable for IHJ members.
Choux à la crème 302 yen
(241 yen)
Maple pudding 432 yen
(345 yen)
Short cake 486 yen
(388 yen)
Chocolate café mousse 486 yen
(388 yen)
Cream cheese cake 486 yen
(388 yen)
Chestnut and pear cake 486 yen
(388 yen)
Forêt noire 540 yen
(432 yen)
Strawberry tarte 540 yen
(432 yen)


Baguette 345 yen
(276 yen)
English Bread 432 yen
(345 yen)
Raisin Bread 432 yen
(345 yen)
Gronobrois 648 yen
(518 yen)

Chef’s Specials

Cheese boule 388 yen
(311 yen)
Banana bread 604 yen
(483 yen)
・*Discount rates are applicable for IHJ members.
・The prices include consumption tax. A service charge 10% will be added to your bill, inclusive of consumption tax.
・The staff is happy to assist with questions regarding ingredients used or allergy concerns.
・There may be unavoidable seasonal changes to the menu.
・Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Inquiries and Reservations

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