Tea Lounge “The Garden”

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Appetizers & Soup Selections

Fried potatoes 648 yen
(518 yen)
Fried chicken & fried potatoes 864 yen
(691 yen)
Assorted dry salami 864 yen
(691 yen)
Combination salad 918 yen
(734 yen)
Small salad 648 yen
(518 yen)
Chicken breast and
bean-starch vermicelli salad
1,404 yen
(1,123 yen)
Raw ham and salad 1,620 yen
(1,296 yen)
Cream soup 864 yen
(691 yen)
Minestrone soup 864 yen
(691 yen)
Bread or Rice 324 yen
(259 yen)


Mix sandwich
(ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber)
1,512 yen
(1,209 yen)
Egg & Tuna sandwich 1,512 yen
(1,209 yen)
American-style clubhouse sandwich 1,836 yen
(1,468 yen)
Mixed pizza 1,512 yen
(1,209 yen)

Pasta & Noodles

Spaghetti Bolognese with salad 1,836 yen
(1,468 yen)
Chinese Noodles in soup with deep fried pork 1,728 yen
(1,382 yen)

Pilaf, Omelet rice, Hamburg

*Shrimp and chicken fried rice
with a cup of soup
1,620 yen
(1,296 yen)
*Chicken pilaf covered with soft omelet,
accompanied by sweet & sour demi-glace sauce & cup of soup
2,052 yen
(1,641 yen)
*Hamburg steak with a cup of soup and bread or rice 2,052 yen
(1,641 yen)
*Stewed beef with a cup of soup and bread or rice 2,700 yen
(2,160 yen)

Rice Dishes

Pork cutlet rice bowl with a soup and pickles 1,944 yen
(1,555 yen)
Raw tuna and whitebait rice bowl with soup and pickles 2,052 yen
(1,641 yen)
Fried prawn tempura rice bowl with a soup and pickles 2,376 yen
(1,900 yen)


Chicken curry seasoned with Lemon grass,
served with rice and a green salad
1,728 yen
(1,382 yen)
Pork cutlet curry with rice,
served with a green salad
1,944 yen
(1,555 yen)


Apple pie a la mode 864 yen
(691 yen)


      We are serving Koshihikari rice from Ishikawa

      *We prepare a green salad and coffee by a set by +540 yen
      There may be unavoidable seasonal changes to the menu.

The prices include consumption tax.
A service charge 10% will be added to your bill, inclusive of consumption tax.

Inquiries and Reservations

International House of Japan
TEL: 03-3470-4611