West Wing Twin

The main advantage of this room type is that it can accommodate up to four people in one room.
This simple and neat room is most suitable for family or group stay because of its capacity.

West Wing Twin West Wing Twin(Floor Plan)

October 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024

Room Type sq.m No. of
Guest Rate
Standard Peak season
Oct. 1–Nov. 30, 2023;
Dec. 31, 2023
–Jan. 3, 2024;
Mar. 1–Mar. 31, 2024
West Wing Twin 30 1 33,300 yen 38,000 yen
2 39,000 yen 44,800 yen
3 44,400 yen 51,300 yen
4 50,000 yen 58,000 yen

(Updated: August 2023)

The above room rates are for guests. If you are a member, please see the Members’ Site.
Inclusive of service charge, tax and breakfast.
Bed Size: 100 cm × 200 cm × 2

Special price may be applicable for those whose use of facilities meet the criteria of the public interest purposes of the I-House. Please contact the I-House Administrative Office for further information.
Cancellation penalties are based on the I-House Terms and Conditions for Accommodation. Please click here for details.

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