Date Activities
Sept. 2/3 Introductory Meeting and Welcome Reception
Sept. 8 Workshop I:Presentation by Mr. Kuo Pao Kun
Sept. 9 Workshop II: Presentations by Mr. Goenawan Mohamad and Prof. Ota Yoshinobu
Sept. 10 Workshop III: Presentation by Ms. Laddawan Tantivitayapitak
Sept. 11 WorkshopIV: Free Discussions among fellows
Sept. 16 Seminarat the University of Tokyo – Institute of Oriental Culture
Sept. 22-24 Workshops V, VI & VII
: Free discussion among the fellows
Sept. 25 Seminar“Japanese Media and Asia” by Mr.Wakisaka Noriyuki, (Asahi Shimbun)
Sept. 26 Seminaron Asia-Pacific Regional Security by Col.Yamaguchi Noboru ( National Defense Agency)
Sept. 30 Seminarwith Representatives of Japanese NGOs

Oct. 1 Seminar:at Kyoto University-Center for Southeast Asian Studies by Prof. Shiraishi Takashi (Kyoto University)
Oct. 3 Seminarat Kyoto Bunkyo University by Prof. Shiraishi Saya (Bunkyo University)
Oct. 8 Seminaron Nationalism by Prof.
Yoshino Kosaku, (University of Tokyo)
Oct. 10-13 Seminarin Hokkaido by Prof.
Kajiwara Kageaki (Hokkaido University)
Oct. 16

Seminar‘Re-appraisal of Development in Asian Viewpoint’ by Prof. Nishikawa Jun (Waseda University)

Oct. 17 Seminar

‘A New Look at the Chrysanthemum and the Sword’ by Prof.
Douglas Lummis (Tsuda College)
Oct. 19-21 Retreat

Ito City
Oct. 27 Seminar

on Civil Society by Prof. Sakamoto Yoshikazu (University of Tokyo)


on Japanese Foreign Policy Agenda in East Asia by Mr. Katakami Keiichi (Ministry
of Foreign Affairs)
Oct. 29 Debriefing and Evaluation Session
Oct. 30 Public Symposium‘Culture, Development, and Emancipation: The Search for a New Paradigm’