Date Activities
Sept. 2 Introduction
Sept. 3-6 Field trip to Rokkasho-mura & Shimokita Peninsula
: Preparatory session for fieldtrip to Okinawa
Sept.8 Workshop
II: Presentation by the Fellows (1)
III: Discussion with the Japanese NGOs regarding field trip to Ishigaki
Sept. 9 Workshop
IV: Preliminary session for the field trip to Ishigaki
V: Presentation by the Fellows (2)
Sept. 13 Workshop
VI: Presentation by the Fellows (3)
Sept. 14-20 Workshop
VII, VIII and IX: Interim evaluation and informal discussion with Mikio Kato
Sept. 21-26 Field
I: Introduction of Okinawa by Prof. Masaaki Gabe & Prof. Katsunori
Yamazato (University of the Ryukus)
Sept. 28 Seminar
II: “Globalization and Cultural Nationalism” by Prof.
Kosaku Yoshino (University of Tokyo
Sept. 30 Workshop
X: Informal discussion with Mikio Kato
Oct.1 Seminar
III: “Globalization and its Discontents” by Prof.
Kiichi Fujiwara (University of Tokyo)
Oct.5 A visit to the Association to Preserve the Earth
Oct.8 Seminar
IV: “Consumption and Popular Culture” by Prof.
John Clammer (Sophia University)
Oct. 12 Seminar
V: “New Religion in Japan and Asia” by Prof.
Nobutaka Inoue (Kokugakuin University )
Oct. 13 Seminar
VI: Discussion with Japanese journalists, Susumu Nomura and Takahiko Tennichi
Oct. 15 Seminar
VI: Discussion on Gender issues by Prof. Chizuko Ueno (University of Tokyo)
Oct. 15 Seminar
VII: “Japan and Southeast Asia in Historical Contexts: Focusing on Okinawa”
by Prof. Hisashi Nakamura (Ryukoku University)
Oct. 16-18 Weekend
Retreat in Odawara
Oct. 20 Seminar
IX: “Civil Society, Global Marketization and Asia” by Prof.
Yoshikazu Sakamoto (University of Tokyo)
Oct.22 A visit to the Asia Women’s Resource Center
Oct. 25 Seminar
X: “History and the current situation of the Ainu people” by Ms.
Kayo Sunazawa (Livelihood Advisor, Ainu Association of Hokkaido Tomakomai Branch)
and Prof. Hideaki Uemura (Chief Excutive, Citizen’s Diplomatic Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples)
Oct.26 Workshop
XI: Preparation session for the Symposium
Oct. 27 Public Symposium
Global Challenge, Local Response: Asian Experiences and Concerns