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[ALFP] 2005 Programs

ALFP 2005 Programs

Commemorating the 10th year of the program’s operation, the following special projects were conducted:

ALFP Alumni Directory

A directory of all 54 ALFP Fellows was compiled with updated information on each individual-their affiliation, specialty as well as their accomplishments such as major publications. It was publised in the hope that it will be utilized by not only among the fellows but also by those who share common concerns over the current regional/global problems so that the networking among such concerned individuals will be strengthened further. The copies are distributed free of charge and are available upon request. Click here for more information.

Reunion Conference 2005 in Fukuoka and Busan

In the period June 26-30, 2005, ALFP alumni, 39 of all 54 fellows from 12 countries, met in Fukuoka and later in Busan in order to establish closer contacts among the fellows from various years who have participated in the program during the past nine years. Linked thematically with the book project below, they had discussions on such topics as the concept of Asia, war and remembrance, borders and regional politics, and the role of the media in shedding light on alternative voices. The fellows also went on field trips in the two sister-cities to better understand the background of their different identities in cooperation with leaders of civil society in the respective cities. Click here for more information.

Alumni Book Project

Selected writings by the ALFP Fellows are now being edited into book form and will be published by the end of April, 2006. The book consists of five chapters: 1) Rethinking Asia as a Community; 2) Governance, Democracy and Human Rights; 3) Markets, Development and Happiness; 4) Memory, Religion and Culture, and 5) Public Intellectuals in A Changing Asia; and in each chapter the Fellows address the various questions and explorations that have resonated among them over the past nine years. It is hoped that the Fellows’ critical discourse in search of the betterment of Asia, emblematic of the richness of Asia’s intellectual resources, as well represented in the ALFP network, will be disseminated throughout the region and the rest of the world through this publication.