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ALFP Program Schedule 2011

Date Activities
Sep. 12 (Mon.) Orientation
Welcoming Reception
Sep. 13 (Tue.) Workshop I: Country Reports by Fellows (1)
Elmer Sayre “The Philippines: A Social Volcano”
Imai Chihiro “Demographic Changes in Japan”
Sep. 14 (Wed.) Workshop II: Country Reports by Fellows (2)
Vuong Thanh Huong “My Country Vietnam”
Imtiaz Gul “Pakistan Geography”
Jehan Perera “Sri Lanka’s Violence: Root Causes and Present Problems”
Zhang Yali “China Report”
Sep. 15 (Thu.) Workshop III: Country Report by Fellow (3)
Miryam Saravasti Nainggolan “Indonesia”
Sep. 16 (Fri.) Workshop IV
Luncheon meeting with Akashi Yasushi (Chairman, International House of Japan)
Resource Seminar I
“Japanese Politics and Diplomacy after the March 11 Earthquake” by Miura Toshiaki (Editorial Writer, Asahi Newspaper)
Sep. 18 (Sun.) Weekend Retreat in Atami, Kanagawa (Day 1)
Sep. 19 (Mon.) Weekend Retreat in Atami, Kanagawa (Day 2)
Sep. 20 (Tue.) Weekend Retreat in Atami, Kanagawa (Day 3)
Sep. 22 (Thu.) Workshop V
Discussion on the Public Symposium (1)
Sep. 23 (Fri.) Resource Seminar II
Discussion with Nitobe Kokusai Juku participants
Sep. 27 (Tue.) Resource Seminar III
“The Change of Work Styles and Poverty in Japan” by Takenobu Mieko (Professor, Wako University)
Sep. 28 (Wed.) Resource Seminar IV
“The Involvement of International Cooperation NGOs and Their Future Agendas in the Great Tohoku Earthquake” by Ohashi Masaaki (Chairperson, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation)
Sep. 29 (Thu.) Resource Seminar V
“The Culture of the Tohoku Area” by Akasaka Norio (Professor, Gakushuin University)
Resource Seminar VI
“Japanese Agriculture and the ‘Network for the Young Farm Generation'” by Miyaji Yusuke (President, Miyaji Pork Co., Ltd.)
Sep. 30 (Fri.) Resource Seminar VII
“On Japanese Religion” by Kenneth Tanaka (Professor, Musashino University)
Oct. 4 (Tue.) Resource Seminar VIII
“Conflict in Southern Thailand and the SPF Program for Peace Building” by Sato Maho (Program Officer, Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
Oct. 5 (Wed.) Resource Seminar IX
“The Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Lessons Learned and Possible Implications” by Suzuki Tatsujiro (Vice Chairman, Japan Atomic Energy Commission)
Workshop VI
“My Experience in NGO Management: Pitfalls, Tips, Lessons, and Implications for Asia” by Elmer Sayre
Oct. 6 (Thu.) Resource Seminar X
“Ten Years after 9.11: What Have We Gained and What Have We Lost?” by Isezaki Kenji (Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Oct. 7 (Fri.) Workshop VII
“The Pulih Foundation for Trauma Recovery and Psychosocial Empowerment” by Miryam Saravasti Nainggolan
Resource Seminar XI
“Introduction to Manga-Anime Studies” by Shiraishi Saya (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Oct. 10-Oct. 14

Field Trip (Okinawa)

Peace Issues
– Visits to the Peace Memorial Park, Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum, and Himeyuri Peace Museum
Okinawan Culture, Literature, and Art
– Tour of the Tsuboya Yachimun pottery street and Shuri Castle
– Visit to Haebaru Town Cultural Center
– Seminar “Okinawan Contemporary Literature and Arts” by Mr. Oshiro Sadatoshi (writer), Mr. Koki Ryoshu (Artistic Director, National Theatre Okinawa), and Prof. Yamazato Katsunori (Professor, Ryukyu University)
– Tour of the Sakima Art Museum and a briefing by Mr. Sakima Michio (Director, Sakima Art Museum)
Issue of U.S. Bases in Okinawa
– Seminar on U.S. bases in the world and Okinawa by Prof. Gabe Masaaki (Professor, Ryukyu University)
– Seminar on the solution to the problem of the Futenma U.S. airbase by Mr. Ota Masahide (former governor of Okinawa)
Religion and Indigenous Beliefs in Okinawa
– Tour of the Seifa-Utaki (sacred site) guided by Mr. Takara Ben (poet) followed by Mr. Takara’s seminar on Okinawa’s belief system
Kudaka Island
– Tour around Kudaka Island guided by Mr. Takara Ben
– Seminar on Japanese education seen from Kudaka Island by Mr. Sakamoto Seiji (Representative, Kudaka Ryugaku Center)

Oct. 15-Nov. 3


Individual Activities Period
Oct. 26-Oct. 29
Trip to Tohoku
– Briefing by the Japan Platform staff on post-disaster support activities
– Meeting with the Director-Writer of Ishinomaki Hibi Newspaper
– Meeting with the Vice Principal of Ishinomaki Elementary School
– Meeting with leaders of Tono Magokoro Net
– Visit to the tsunami-afflicted areas in Ozuchi Town where the Fellows saw volunteer activities and met victims
– Sightseeing at Chusonji Temple
– Volunteer Work in Tono
Oct. 31 (Mon.) Workshop VIII
“The Af-Pak Region: Why Is It Complicated?” by Imtiaz Gul
Nov. 4 (Fri.) Workshop IX
Reports on Individual Activities Period
Workshop X
Discussion on the Public Symposium (2)
Nov. 8 (Tue.) Public Symposium
“Beyond Conflict & Disaster: The Role of Civil Society in Asia”
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Nov. 10 (Thu.)

Evaluation Session
Farewell Dinner