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[Publications] The 52nd Annual Translation Publishing Award from the Japan Society of Translators

Photo: Translation Publishing AwardI-House’s publishing department has received the 52nd Annual Translation Publishing Award from the Japan Society of Translators.

As a member of the International Federation of Translators, a nongovernment organization cooperating with UNESCO, JST has annually recognized outstanding achievements by book translators and publishers for over half a century.

I-House has published some 40 notable Japanese books on politics, the economy, society, and culture in English since 2000, when it was commissioned by the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan to take over its English publishing project. These academic works, the LTCB International Library selection, have been distributed free of charge at 2,800 overseas and 700 domestic locations.

The award was given to I-House in 2016 in recognition of the excellent work of the following books, especially the choice of original books introduced and the deep insight of their translators.

Holy Foolery in the Life of Japan (trans. Waku Miller)
Higuchi Kazunori, Warai no Nihon bunka

Japan’s Asian Diplomacy (trans. David Noble)
Ogura Kazuo, Nihon no Ajia gaiko: Nisen-nen no keifu

The Akita Ranga School and the Cultural Context in Edo Japan (trans. Ruth S. McCreery)
Imahashi Riko, Akita Ranga no kindai

37_higuchi_cover_h500 36_ogura_cover_h500 34_imahashi_cover_h500

I-House last won an award from JST for Taction: The Drama of the Stylus in Oriental Calligraphy (trans. Waku Miller).

Translation Publishing Award Translation Publishing Award