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[Panel Discussion] Cultural Diplomacy in 2020

  • *This event has finished.
  • Date: Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Venue: Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall, International House of Japan
  • Co-organizers: Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation, La Maison franco-japonaise
  • Supported by: Institut français du Japon, French Embassy
  • Languages: French/Japanese (with simultaneous interpretation)
  • Admission: Free
  • Seating: 200 (reservation required)

In this fast-changing global environment, the role cultural diplomacy plays is growing more than ever. In a world with styles of communication transformed and actors of cultural engagement diversified, what will the essence of cultural diplomacy in the future be like? What possibilities and challenges does Japan have with the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo approaching in six years? Commemorating the 90th anniversary of the cultural partnership between Japan and France, experts and practitioners of cultural diplomacy will discuss these timely issues.

Panelists: Pascal Boniface, Director, Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS), France
  Michel Foucher, Professor, The École normale supérieure (ENS), France
  Saiki Naoko, Director-General for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
  Jacques Toubon, Former Minister of Culture and Francophonie, France (cancelled)
Moderator: Watanabe Yasushi, Professor, Keio University

Pascal Boniface

Photo: Pascal BonifaceDirector of Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS). Specializes in international relations, international security, and sports diplomacy. Mr. Boniface also serves as professor at Université Paris 8. He has published more than 40 books on international relations, nuclear deterrence and disarmament, security in Europe, French diplomacy, and sports in international relations. His recent publications include JO Politiques.

Michel Foucher

Photo: Michel FoucherGeographer. Serves on the board of Peace and Security Council, African Union. Mr. Foucher’s works on power relationships analyze the world geopolitically; his latest publication is Atlas de l’influence de la France au XXIe siècle. He has taught at leading schools including École normale supérieure (ENS), Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, and École nationale d’administration (ENA). He has also held prominent positions as a diplomat, including French Ambassador to Latvia and advisor to the French Foreign Minister. He specializes in cultural diplomatic policy and border issues.

Saiki Naoko

Photo: Saiki NaokoDirector-General for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Ms. Saiki joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following her career as Director, International Peace Cooperation Division; Director, Second North America Division; Director, Legal Affairs Division; Director, Financial Affairs Division; Deputy Press Secretary; and Deputy Director General, Public Diplomacy Department, she assumed her current position in 2013. Ms. Saiki also has experience as a professor of the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University; visiting professor, the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University; and Deputy Director General of the Japan Institute of International Affairs.

Jacques Toubon

Former Minister of Culture and Francophonie; President of Advisory Committee, National Museum of the History of Immigration.
Since he was first elected as a member of France’s National Assembly in 1976, Mr. Toubon has held important positions including Mayor of the 13th arrondissement of Paris. He was appointed Minister of Culture and Francophonie in 1993 and then Minister of Justice in 1995. During his tenure as Minister of Culture, the so-called Toubon Law was established, encouraging the use of the French language. Mr. Toubon also served as a member of the European Parliament.

Mr. Toubon’s visit to Japan has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.