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Most of the I-House programs are open to the public, both members and non-members. Please check each program for more information.

Lectures, Symposia, Performances

The I-House organizes lecture programs such as japan@ihj, which invites Japan specialists from various fields; I-House Lunchtime Lecture, which is based on topical themes; and the I-House Academy, with prominent intellectuals embodying the wisdom of the 21st century, along with concerts and other arts programs.

Programs to Understand Japan I-House Lunchtime Lecture
I-House Academy HJ Arts Program
I-House Public Programs

Intellectual Exchange, Fellowships, Seminars

The I-House organizes fellowships to promote intercultural intellectual dialogue, training programs for the younger generation to become global leaders,
and the US-Japan Creative Artists Program.

ALFP I-House Ushiba Fellowship
日印人物交流プログラム Nitobe Kokusai Juku
US-Japan Creative Artists' Program EnglishCommunicationSeminar


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