IHJ Sharing Space Program for Artists

IHJ Sharing Space Program for Artists

*Application no longer accepted.

October, 2009 – March, 2010
Established in 1952, the International House of Japan has been the focal point for much of Japan’s post-war international exchange with the rest of the world. The building itself is a fine example of Japanese mid-twentieth Century post-modernism architecture, and the recent renovations undertaken by the House include the creation of a superb new performance space, the Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall, facing the beautiful traditional Japanese garden. For a limited period, the House will make this hall available at a specially reduced rate for individual artists or groups involved in international artistic exchanges. Performances, concerts, films, workshops or any other event that transcends national or cultural boundaries are welcomed.
  • Applications:  Accepted on a monthly basis from two to six months prior to the
    month of use
  • Availability:  October 1, 2009 – March 31, 2010
  • Application deadline:  Every 2nd Friday of each month 
  • Acceptance notification:  First Friday of each month

Inquiries and Reservations
Program Office,
International House of Japan

  • (10:00 am – 7:00 pm)

1. Outline of Support 2. Application Procedures 3. Description of Facility 4. Discounted Rates
5. Eligibility Requirements 6. Examples of Possible Sponsorship 7. Conditions of Use
8. Notes 9. List of Equipment 10. Hall Showing 11. Hall Blueprint

1.Outline of Support

-The Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall will be made available for up to a full day at a greatly reduced rate to selected artists (weekdays only).
-Use of the hall’s basic lights and audio equipment will be free. Nominal charges will apply for the use of certain other equipment.
-The I-House will advertise the event on its website, member’s mailings and other PR material.
-The hall will be made available approximately once a month for a period of six months.
6. Examples of Possible Sponsorship 
10. Hall Showing  

2.Application Procedures

-Please carefully read the rules and requirements, fill in the official form (see below) and bring it to the International House of Japan Program Office (9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri). For those residing outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area, please e-mail or call 03-3470-3211 for consultation.
-If you wish to view the hall and equipment, please contact the Program Office for an appointment.
-Forms are available to downloadApplication Forms
-Supporting materials should include videos, DVD/CDs, fliers, reviews, etc. Materials cannot be returned. Please submit only one visual or audio example per application.
-Acceptance notification: Mid March 2009.

3.Description of Facility iwasakikoyatahall

-Name: The International House of Japan Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall
-Address: 5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
-Area: 195 m*m (flat floor, movable seats and stage)
-Capacity: 180 persons
-Hall Blueprint:available for download

4.Discounted Rates

-Half day (10:00 am – 3:00 pm or 5:00 – 9:00 pm) 52,500 yen (incl. tax)
-Full Day (10:00 am – 9:00 pm) 94,500 yen (incl. tax).
The normal rates are 262,500 yen for half day and 525,000 yen for a full day.

5.Eligibility Requirements

1) Be involved in international exchange or the furthering of understanding between cultures.
2) Have broad social merit (not limited to a certain group, religion or commercial activity).
3) Be of high artistic content.
4) Artist or groups must have a viable track record.
5) Must demonstrate need for IHJ support.

Selection will be made based on the above criteria by a panel of specialists.

6.Examples of Possible Sponsorship

1) Events presenting Japanese performers of non-Japanese traditional (ethnic) performing arts.
2) Events presenting non-Japanese performers of Japanese traditional performing arts.
3) Events introducing foreign arts or music into Japan.
4) Events introducing Japanese performing arts to foreigners.
5) Workshops or concerts of foreign artists working in or visiting Japan.
6) Film or video showings of English-subtitled works on Japan.

7.Conditions of Use

-The event is made public.
-The event is non-commercial in nature.
-The following credit is put on all advertisement and PR materials: Supported by The International house of Japan, Inc. If possible, please use the IHJ logo on all event-related materials. The IHJ Program Office will supply a jpeg or Illustrator version of the logo upon request.
-In the event of an admission fee, IHJ Members are offered a discount.
-The hall is available only on weekdays.
-Upon completion of the event, a brief report will be submitted to the I-House.
-Be prepared to follow the rules regarding the use of the facilities (see “Notes” below).
-Applicants are allowed to use the hall only once a year.


1) The hall lobby is public and has to be shared with other guests.
2) The hall must be returned to its original setting. Nails or anything damaging the floors or walls of the hall are prohibited.
3) Food and drink are prohibited in the hall.
4) Smoking allowed in designated areas only.
5) For those wishing to provide simultaneous interpretation, please contact us. You will have to use an IHJ approved technician (costing around 52,000 yen) and pay a fee for each transceiver.
6) If you plan to use the piano (YAMAHA A1 baby grand or Steinway & Sons, Model A, 1918), you will have to pay for tuning (see equipment list for tuning fees).
7) Due to the massive windows overlooking the garden, the hall does not become completely dark during daylight hours. If you plan to use the hall in the daytime, please check it out first.
8) A small green room adjacent to the hall can be used depending upon availability. The seminar rooms are also available for use as green rooms. (eg. 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, 1,130 yen)
9) Use of the lobby cloak room for audience will cost an additional 10,500 yen. The cloak room on the first floor is available to guests for free.
10) The user will be held responsible for breakage or damage of equipment.
11) Open flames are prohibited in the hall.

9.List of Equipment

Equipment No. Note Price
Stage portable stage (1,200×2,400×200H or 400H) 9 3,150
yen/a piece
podium 3
baton 2
Lights spotlight (hanging NQ30724) 500W 8
spotlight (Mini Halogen)  250W 4
portable spotlight 1000W 2
Sounds speaker (RAMSA WS-AT200) 1
microphone (wire) 6
microphone (wireless) 4 Up to 4 audio inputs
microphone (wireless pin) 2
CD/MD player (Marantz PRO PMD380) 1
cassette player (TASCAM 202MKIII) 1
Screening Screen 2
DVD/VHS player (Panasonic DMR=ES 30V) 1
projector (Panasonic TH-D7700) 1
projector (Panasonic TH-D5500) 1
slide projector 2 2
overhead projector (RICOH OHP 303F) 1
overhead camera (ELMO HV-770SX) 1
VHS+29inch monitor set 1
Others simultaneous translation receivers 150 technician’s fee: 52,500 yen and up Actual cost
high speed Internet connection 1 Wi-Fi
mirror 2
coat rack 2
chairs 180
grand piano (YAMAHA A1) 1 tuning: 18,900 yen and up
grand piano (Steinway & Sons Model A, NY, 1918) 1 tuning:  21,000 yen and up
electric piano (YAMAHA EL-100) 1
Light and Audio board

programmable light board

1 Up to 30 programmable scenes
audio mixer (Panasonic WR-D40) 1

10.Hall Showing

The hall is available for preview, subject to availability.
Please e-mail or call for more information. 

11.Hall Blueprint

Hall Blueprint