[I-House Press] The Japanese House: In Space, Memory, and Language

The Japanese House: In Space, Memory, and Language
By Nakagawa Takeshi (Professor, Waseda University)

Translated by Geraldine Harcourt
2006 / An enlarged, revised version
282 pages / paperback / color photos
ISBN 4-903452-02-6
Originally published in Japanese in 2002 by TOTO Shuppan as Nihon no Ie: Kukan, Kioku, Kotoba.
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Architectural historian Takeshi Nakagawa revisits Japan’s traditional domestic architecture in twenty-five essays illustrated gorgeously with color photographs. The essays take on a personal warmth as the author recalls, for example, taking a nap on tatami shaded by reed blinds while “the din of cicadas would seem to pause for a moment as an occasional cool breeze blew.”

Nakagawa demonstrates alarmingly how the quality of life has suffered in Japan’s transition from traditional residential architecture to modern, and he offers concrete and realistic proposals for restoring some traditional amenity in a modern context. His book is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the inquisitive mind of anyone interested in Japanese architecture, culture, or history or in comparative architecture in general.