[I-House Press] A Nagging Sense of Job Insecurity

A Nagging Sense of Job Insecurity: The New Reality Facing Japanese Youth
By Genda Yuji (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo)

Translated by Jean Connell Hoff.
2006 / Second edition
218 pages / paperback
ISBN 4-903452-00-X
1,467 yen / Special price*: 1,026 yen (inclusive of tax)
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A book informed by a single, clear vision, that clarifies with copious data the essence of various problems that beset Japanese society.”
Ryu Murakami, Japan Mail Media (JMM), Weekly Report

“In all matters, [the author] brings a structural, empirical, multifaceted-in other words, fair-perspective to the work environment for today’s young people, in which hitherto the only thing to be called into question has been their attitudes rather than the [socioeconomic] structure.”
Koichi Yamazaki, Asahi Shimbun [newspaper]

“Makes clear with ample data that the main cause of youth unemployment is not change on the supply side, i.e., change in the behavior of young people, but rather change on the demand side; in particular, a situation in which the jobs of middle-aged and older workers are protected as a vested right has led to a drop in youth employment.”
Fumio Ohtake, Nihon Keizai Shimbun [newspaper]