[I-House Press] Japan in Trade Isolation, 1926-37 and 1948-85

Japan in Trade Isolation, 1926-37 and 1948-85 By Ikeda Michiko
Japan in Trade Isolation, 1926-37 and 1948-85
By Ikeda Michiko (Ph.D. Economics, Harvard University)

First English edition / 2008
378 pages / hardcover
ISBN 978-4-903452-07-4
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The 1920s and 1930s were a turbulent era for the world economy—a time of shifting monetary policies, trade protectionism, and the Great Depression. Emerging on the world stage as the first non-Western industrial power, Japan faced charges of dumping and protectionism. This groundbreaking work by Michiko Ikeda examines the harsh environment faced by Japan in the years 1926 to 1937 and again in the years from 1948 to 1985. It draws on original study of League of Nations reports and of declassified government documents in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

From the foreword

“The great advantage of this careful historical study is that it puts in perspective what trade discrimination around the world often entails. Many of the arguments that one hears today about the problems created by the rise of the Chinese economy have a familiar ring to anyone knowledgeable about this earlier Japanese story. By looking at this historical Japanese experience, we can see these issues stripped of the emotions and politics of the present.”

—Dwight H. Perkins, Research Professor of Economics, Harvard University