[I-House Press] Henyo suru Sekai to Ridashippu
(A Changing World and Changing Leadership)

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Henyo suru sekai to Ridashippu
[A Changing World and Changing Leadership]

Edited by Nitobe Kokusai Juku,
International House of Japan

Japanese edition / 2017
280 pages / paper
ISBN 978-4-903452-27-2
1,100 yen / Special price*: 770 yen (inclusive of tax)
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A new volume of the Nitobe lecture series has been published in June 2017. This volume is a collection of lectures from the 2015–16 Nitobe Leadership Program. The 12 lecturers from various fields talked about what we can do for a better society and future based on their own experiences and hard-won wisdom. (Available only Japanese)

The Nitobe Leadership Program was launched in 2008 to foster a new generation of leaders committed to enhancing the public interest from a broad perspective and able to function in an international environment.

The lecturers of the Nitobe Kokusai Juku included are:
Kunihiko Chris Hirabayashi (Former Director, UNICEF Tokyo Office)
“The World in 2030: The Emerging Consensus”
Mitsuru Claire Chino (Executive Officer, Itochu Corporation; Admitted to the California Bar)
“Rule of Law or Rule Through Law? “
Robert D. Eldridge (Former Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Government and External Affairs [G-7], Marine Corps Installations Pacific/Marine Forces Japan)
“The U.S.-Japan Alliance in the Asia-Pacific Region”
Hiruma Yuji (Former Executive Vice President, IHI Corporation)
“Living ‘Globally'”
Yamazaki Daisuke (Co-founder and Executive Vice-President, Motherhouse Co., Ltd.)
“Consumer Society in 2030 –Focusing on the Potential of Developing Countries”
Murose Kazumi (Urushi [lacquer] artist, Living National Treasure)
Kôgei—Japanese Traditional Crafts Opening New Doors”
Iwase Daisuke (President & COO, Lifenet Insurance Company)
“The Power of Breakthrough”
Matsuyama Daiko (Deputy Priest, Taizoin Zen Buddhist Temple, Kyoto)
“Co-existing: A Quest for Global Peace”
Yamaguchi Kaori (Bronze medalist at the Seoul Olympics)
“Leadership and Teamwork Seen Through Judo’s Globalization”
Robert M. Orr (Board of Directors, Council of American Ambassadors)
“The United States, Japan, and the Asian Development Bank in Turbulent Regional Times”
David Atkinson (Chairman and CEO, Konishi Decorative Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.)
“Rebuilding the Japanese Economy: ‘Tourism’ as the True Driving Force”
Shibusawa Ken (Chairman, Commons Asset Management, Inc.))
“Shibusawa Eiichi: Love, Valor, and Capitalism”