Periodical List

Periodical List

Back issues of the journals with an asterisk are available for loaning.
Frequently Updated (2022/11/07)


Title In Library Location
Acta Asiatica: Bulletin of the Inst. of Eastern Culture no.1, 1960- H-3, Office
Acta Orientalia v.48, 1987-v.71, 2010 D-2, Office
AJALT (Association for Japanese Language Teaching)
no.2, 1979- E-3, D下
Aji Communications on Japan’s Dietary Culture no.1, 1979-no.19, 1983 Office
Ajia Bunka Kenkyu
no.1, 1958- D-4, 10下
Ajia Bunka Kenkyu Besattu
no.1, 1990- D-4, 10下
*Ajia Jiho
1 year D-1
Ajibi News
Current Issue B-6
American Anthropologist. Memoir no.74, 1953 – no. 96, 1963 12下
*American Scholar 5 years F-2
Amerika Kanada Daigaku Rengo Nihon Kenkyu Senta Kiyo
(available at:

no.2, 1979-
no.34, 2011
E-1, 10下
*Amerika Kenkyu (The American Review)
10 years C-2, 15下
AMPO: Japan-Asia Quarterly Review no.7, 1970-no.15, 1972; v.5, 1973-v.29, 2000 Office
Andon: shedding light on Japanese art :bulletin of the Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts
no.90, 2011- I-1
Annals of the Institute of Social Science (Univ. of Tokyo)
(title changed to: Social Science Japan Journal)
no.1, 1953-no.37, 1996 29下
Annual Report (国際文化会館) v.2, 1957-v.63, 2018 会館出版物
Approach Current Issue B-6
Area Development in Japan no.2, 1969-no12, 2002 6下
Art Catalog Library Newsletter no.1, 1996-no.3, 1998 B下
*Arts of Asia 3 years B-5, 22
ASEAN Focus 1 year D-5
Asia Pacific Community no.1, 1978-no.31, 1986 5下
Asia Policy Calendar
(formerly: Japan Washington Watch A)
1 year E下
Asian Affairs (Ajia Kyokai) v.1, 1956-v.6, 1961 7下
Asian Affairs: Journal of the Royal Society of Asian Affairs v.9, 1978- G-3, 10下
Asian and Pacific Quarterly
(title changed to: Asian Pacific Quarterly)
v.7 no.2, 1975-v.24 no.1, 1992 6下
Asian Art
(title changed to: Asian Art & Culture)
v.2 no.1, 1989-v.5 no.3, 1992 12下
Asian Art & Culture
(formerly: Asian Art)
v.7, 1994-v.9, 1996 12下
Asian Book Development Newsletter
(title changed to: Asian Pacific Book Development)
v.10 no.2, 1978-v.17 no.4, 1987 H-4
Asian Cultural Council Annual Report Current Issue A-8
Asian Culture
(title changed to: Asian Pacific Culture)
no.20, 1978-no.40, 1987 7上
Asian Ethnology
(formerly: Asian Folklore Studies)
(available at:
v. 67, 2008-v.76, 2017 H-4
Asian Exchange v.7, 1990-v.22 no.1, 2006 G-2, 5下
Asian Folklore Studies
(title changed to: Asian Ethnology)
v.41, 1982-v.66, 2007 5下
Asian Journal of Environmental Management v.1 no.2, 1993-v.6 no.2, 1998 7上
Asian Music v.4 no.2, 1973- H-4, J上
Asian/Pacific Book Development Newsletter
(title changed to: Asian Pacific Book Development: ABD)
v.19 no.4, 1989 H-4
Asian/Pacific Book Development: ABD
(formerly: Asian Pacific Book Development)
v.20 no.3, 1989-v.34 no.2, 2004 H-4
Asian Pacific Culture
(formerly: Asian Culture)
no.41, 1988-no.49, 1995 7上
Asian Pacific Quarterly
(formerly: Asian and Pacific Quarterly)
v.25 no.1, 1993-v.26 no.4, 1994 6下
Asian Research Trends no.1, 1991-no.13, 2003 5下
*Asian Research Trends. New Seiries
(formerly: East Asian Cultural Studies)
5 years D-2
Asian Studies Newsletter v.35 no.2, 1990-v.58 no.4, 2013 Office
Asian Survey
(formerly: Far Eastern Survey)
v.1, 1961- G-4, G下, Office, 閲覧室奥
Asian Theatre Journal v.1, 1984- H-4, 15下, B上
Asian Women’s Liberation
no.1, 1977, no.2, 1980, no.7, 1986-no.9, 1992 E下
Asiatic Society of Japan Bulletin Current Issue A-4
Asiatica Venetiana v.1, 1996-v.10/11, 2009 D-6
Asiatische Studien : Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft
für Asienkunde = Études Asiatiques : revue de la Société Suisse d’Études Asiatiques
1947-1975 13下
Association of Teachers of Japanese: Membership Directory 1997, 2000, 2003-2006 Office
3 years J-1, D下
*Atlantic 1 year J-3
Boei Gijutsu Janaru
Current Issue C-3
Boletin de la Asociacion de estudios japoneses en Espana
(title changed to: Kaname)
No.1, 1995 I-3
Broadcasting Culture and Research no.1, 1997-no.19, 2002 7上
Bulletin de l’Association des Français du Japon: Nouvelle série no.1, 1976-no.18, 1981/82 7下
Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars
(title changed to: Critical Asian Studies)
v.2 no.3, 1970-v.32 no.4, 2000 22
Bulletin of the European Association for Japanese Studies no.19, 1983- Office
Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art v.1, 1933 – v.6, 1963; v.7, Index 12下
*Bulletin of the Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture 5 years E-5
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies v.16, 1954- G-2, H上, 閲覧室奥
*Bungei Shunju
1 year J-1
Bunraku 1966-1997 11下
Center on Japanese Economy and Business: Annual Report Current Issue A-8
CGP Newsletter v.1, 1993-v.30, 2002 A下
Chanoyu Quarterly: Tea and the Arts of Japan no.1, 1970-no.88, 1999 Office
Child Welfare
(title changed to: Child Welfare: Information from Japan)
v.6 no.3, 1986-v.17 no.4, 1997 E下
Child Welfare: information from Japan
(formerly: Child Welfare)
no.1, 2000-no.9, 2006 E下
China Quarterly no.1, 1965-no.232, 2017 H-1, A上, B上
Ch’ing-shih Wen-t’i
(title changed to: Late Imperial China)
v.1 no.2, 1965-v.4, no.9, 1983 16下
Choiki Bunka Kagaku Kiyo
Current Issue B-7
*Chosa Shiryo
6 months A-7
Christian Science Monitor
(formerly: Monitor World)
6 months 新聞棚
Chuo Gakujutsu Kenkyujo Kiyo
Current Issue D-4
*Chuo Koron
1 year J-1
Cipango no.8, 2000-no.18, 2011 I-3
(title changed to: Giappone)
no.3, 1956, no.5-6, 1957 16下
Committee on East Asian Libraries Bulletin
(title change to: Journal of East Asian Libraries)
no.62, 1980-no.106, 1995 G上
Concerned Theater Japan v.1, 1969-v.2, 1973 7下
Contemporary Japan
(German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo)
v.22 no.1/2, 2010- I-1
Contemporary Japan(外事協会) v.1 no. 4, 1933 – v.29 no. 2, 1970 7下
Contemporary Religions in Japan v.1, 1960-v.11, 1970 7下
Correspondence: an International Review of Culture and Society no.4, 1999-no.10, 2002/2003 27
Critical Asian Studies
(formerly: Bulletin of Concerned Asian Studies)
v.33 no.1, 2001- G-1, E上
Crossroads: a Journal of Nagasaki History and Culture no.1, 1993-no.5, 1997 E下
Current Politics and Economics of Asia
(formerly: Current Politics and Economics of Japan)
v.6, no.1/2, 1998-v.16 no.1, 2007 G-2, E上
Current Politics and Economics of Japan
(title changed to: Current Politics and Economics of Asia)
v.1 no.1, 1991-v.5 no.1/2, 1997 G-2, E上
*Daedalus 5 years F-2, F上
Daiwa Nichiei Kikin Nenji Hokokusho
Current Issue A-2
Daruma : Japanese art, antiques & handicrafts = 達磨 v.15 no.3, 2008-v.18 no.2, 2011 12下
(formerly: Center for Japanese Studies: Newsletter )
3 years A-5
Dentsu Japan Marketing/Advertising Yearbook 1985-1990 H下, 301.24||D||R
Dentsu’s Japan Marketing Advertising no.15, 1979-no.23, 1983; v.2 no.2, 1984-v.3 no.2, 1985 29
DIJ Newsletter no.1, 1997-no.59, 2019 A下
Doctoral Dissertations on Asia v.3, 1980-v.16, 1993 7上
Doctoral Dissertations on Japan and Korea 1969-1974 Office
EAJRS Newsletter no.1, 1990-no.25, 2014 Office
Early Modern Japan
(available at:
v.7 no.1, 1998; v.8, 2000-v.12 no.2, 2004 Office
East v.10, 1974-v.44 no.1, 2008 Office
East Asia: an International Quarterly
(formerly: Journal of Northeast Asian Studies)
v.17, 1999- H-2, B上
East Asian Cultural Studies v.18, 1979-v.29, 1990 7上
East Asian History no.1, 1991-no.36, 2008 12下
East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia Newsletter
(available at:
no.27, 1994-no.46, 2004 Office
Eastern Buddhist: New Series v.1, 1965-v.49, 2018 Office
Eastern Buddhist: Third Series v.1 no.1, 2021- I-4, Office
*East : School of Asian Studies Newsletter
(formerly: East Asia@Sheffield)
3 years A-3
East-West Film Journal v.4, 1989-v.8, 1994 13下
Ebisu: Etudes Japonaises
(available at:
no.1, 1993-no.52, 2015 14下
*Economist 1 year J-2
Economy, Culture & History Japan Spotlight Bimonthly
(formerly: Journal of Japanese Trade and Industry)
v.23 no.2, 2004 – v.44 no.6, 2009 Office
Education About Asia v.1, no.1, 1996- G-4
Education in Japan : Journal for Overseas v.1, 1966-v.9, 1979 7上, 370.952||H
Estudos Japoneses : Revista do Centro de Estudos Japoneses da Universidade de São Paulo no.3, 1983-no.16, 1996 7上
エトランデュテ = Étrangeté : 在日本法律家協会会報
Current Issue C-2
Euro-Japanese Journal v.5 no.1, 1998-v.8 no.2, 2002 I-3
*European Journal of East Asian Studies 3 years H-3
Far Eastern Affairs: A Russian Journal of China, Japan and Asia-Pacific Region v.1, 1982, v.30, 2002- H-3
Far Eastern Quarterly v.13, 1953-v.15, 1955 閲覧室奥
Focus on Asian Studies v.4 no.1, 1984-v.7, no.1, 1987 Office
*Foreign Affairs 10 years G-3, G上
*Foreign Affairs Journal 10 years C-2, 15下
*Foreign Policy 5 years F-4
(Ass. pour une Meilleure Connaisance de l’Asie)
no.87, 1953-no.205, 1974 19
Fujin Kyoiku Joho
婦人教育情報 (title changed to: WINET Joho WINET情報)
no.1, 1979-no.34, 1998 E下
Fukuoka UNESCO v.1, 1964-v.48, 2012 7上
Gaidai Bibliotheca Current Issue Office
1 year J-2, C下
Current Issue A-1
Gateway Current Issue A-5
*Geijutsu Shincho
1 year B-3
Gendai no Toshokan
3 years Office
Giappone (formerly: Cipangu) v.1, 1961-v.42, 2002 16下
Global communication studies = グローバル・コミュニケーション研究 Current Issue C-1
*Haiku International 5 years B-1
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies v.17, 1954- H-3, 20
Higashi Ajia Kenkyu
東アジア研究 = East Asian Studies
Current Issue D-2
Hikaku Media Josei Bunka Kenkyu
1 year C-3
Hiroshima Daigaku Heiwa Senta Nyusureta
Current Issue A-3
Hiroshima Heiwa Kagaku
no.2, 1978/79, no.7, 1984- C-1, 15下
Hoso Kenkyu to Chosa
Current Issue C-5
Hoso Media Kenkyu 
Current Issue C-1
IATSS Research
(available at:
v.1, 1977-v.33, 2009 21
Ibunka Komyunikeshon
no.1, 1997- C-1, 28
Ibunka-kan Kyoiku
no.1, 1987- C-1, 28
(available at:
v.1, 1987 – v.10, 2010 B-1
ICU Language Research Bulletin
(available at:
v.1, 1986-v.22, 2007 C下
IHJ Bulletin (International House of Japan Bulletin) v.1 no.1, 1981-v.33 no.2, 2013 A下
I-House Quarterly no.1, 2014-no.21, 2019 A下
IIAS Newsletter 3 years A-6, Office
IIC Occasional Publication (India International Center) Current Issue F-2
*IIC Quarterly 3 years F-2
Iichiko (季刊) no.65, 2000- J-4, 4下
Iichiko Intercultural no.1, 1989-no.9, 1997 4下
Impressions no.19, 1997- no.20, 1998; no.25, 2003- I-1
Industrial Review of Japan 1980-1984 29
Insight Japan v.5, no.3, 1996-v.11 no.4, 2003 F-4
*International Journal of Asian Studies 5 years H-1
International Journal of Intercultural Relations v.8 no.1, 1984-v.27 no.1, 2003 G上
International Journal of Japanese Sociology (IJJS) no.1, 1992- E-2, 9下
International Peace Research Newsletter v.21 no.1, 1983-v.39 no.2/3, 2001 F上
International Tanka Current Issue B-1
JA: Japan Architect no.1, 1991-no.118, 2020 E下, 24
Japan Access v.1, 1990-v.3, 1992 Office
Japan Aktuell: Wirtshaft Politik Gesellschaft
(formerly: Japan: Wirtschaft Politik Gesellschaft)
v.6 no.1, 1998-v.16 no.3, 2008 B上
Japan Anthropology Workshop Newsletter
(available at:
no.21, 1991-no.43, 2008 I-4
Japan Architect no.321, 1984-no.402, 1990 23
Japan Brief 6 months E下
Japan Christian Quarterly
(title changed to: Japan Christian Review)
v.22, 1956-v.57, 1991 6下
Japan Christian Review
(formerly: Japan Christian Quarterly)
v.58, 1992-v.64, 1998 6下
Japan Computer Quarterly
(title changed to: JIPDEC Informatization Quarterly)
no.78, 1989-no.93, 1993 I-2
Japan Currents v.1, 1997-v.12, 1997 7上
Japan Digest v.1, 1990-v.2, 1992 7上
Japan Echo v.1, 1974-v.37 no.2, 2010 Office, 4下
Japan Economic Yearbook 1956-1971 11下
Japan Eco Times v.1 no.3, 1992-v.2 No.1, 1993; v.1 no.1-8, 1995 9下
Japan Environment Monitor no.78, 1995-no.100, 1998 7上
Japan Forum v.1, 1989- Office
Japan Foundation Newsletter v.1 no.1, 1973-v.31 no.4, 2006 A下
Japan, Graphic Arts v.30, 1989-v.33, 1992 9下
Japan Interpreter
(formerly: Journal of Social and Political Ideas in Japan)
v.7, 1970-v.13 no.1, 1980 14下
Japan Labor Bulletin v.19 no.8, Aug. 1980 – v.42 no.9, Sep. 2003 21
Japan Labor Issues Current Issue C-6
Japan … Marketing and Advertising Yearbook 1991-2001 H下, 301.24||D||R
Japan PEN News 1958-1971 Office
Japan Political Research
(formerly: Newsletter of Research on Japanese Politics)
v.21, 1990-v.32, 2001 I-2
Japan Quarterly v.1, 1954-v.48, 2001 Office, 1下
Japan Queries & Answers no.1, 1954-no.29, 1964 12下
Japan Related
v.1, 1993-v.2, 1994; no.10, 1995-no.12, 1995 6下
Japan Review (Nichibunken Japan Review) no.1, 1990- Office
Japan Review of International Affairs v.1, 1987-v.18 no.1, 2004 Office
Japan Society Proceedings (London) no.119, 1992- A-2, 15下
Japan Society Review: Book, Stage, Movie, Arts and Events Review Current Issue A-2
Japan Views v.2, 1992-v.4 no.12, 1994; special iss., 1995 13下
Japan Views Quarterly v.1, 1992-v.2, 1993 13下
Japan: Wirtschaft Politik Geselleschaft
(title changed to: Japan Aktuell: Wirtshaft Politik Gesellschaft)
v.1 no.1, 1993-v.5 no.6, 1997 B上
*Japanese Annual of International Law
(title changed to: Japanese Yearbook of International Law)
no.1, 1957-no.50, 2007 18下, 327.52||J
Japanese Book News no.1, 1993-no.89, 2016 E-5
Japanese Economic Studies
(title changed to: Japanese Economy)
v.1, 1972-v.24, 1996 Office
Japanese Economy
(title changed to: Japanese Political Economy)
v.25, 1997- v.39, 2013 Office
*Japanese Journal of American Studies 10 years E-2, 15下
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
(formerly: Contemporary Religions in Japan)
(available at: listofjournals/)
v.1, 1974-v.43, 2016 F-1, 8上
Japanese Language and Literature
(formerly: Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese)
(available at:
v.35, 2001- Office
Japanese Literature Today no.1, 1976-no.27, 2010 Office
Japanese Magazine Review
(formerly: Summaries of Selected Japanese Magazines)
Oct. 1993-March, 1999 26
Japanese Philately Current Issue B-6
Japanese Political Economy
(formerly: Japanese Economy)
v.40, 2014-v.41, 2015 Office
Japanese Religions v. 21 no.1-2, 1996; v.21 no.2, v.31 no.2, 2006 – H-4
Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology v.1, 1998- I-3
Japanese Student no.37, 1959-no.50, 1962 6下
Japanese Studies: Bulletin of Japanese Studies Association of Australia v.12 no.3, 1992- I-1
*Japanese Yearbook of International Law
(formerly: Japanese Annual of International Law)
no.51, 2008- 327.52||J, 18下
JEI Report
(Japan Economic Institute of America)
1987-1999 27
JIPDEC Informatization Quarterly (JIQ)
(formerly: Japan Computer Quarterly)
no.94, 1993-no.132, 2003 I-2
Current Issue A-3
Jomon Current Issue B-5
Journal Asiatique v.243, 1955-v.259 no.3-4, 1971 7下
Journal of American – East Asian Relations v.1 no.2, 1992- G-2, E上
*Journal of Asian Economics 10 years G下
Journal of Asian Studies v.16, 1953- G-3, G下, 3下, 閲覧室奥
Journal of East Asian Libraries
(formerly: Committee on East Asian Libraries Bulletin)
no.107, 1995-no.159, 2014 G-1
*Journal of East Asian Studies
(East Asia Institute)
3 years H-2, 3下
Journal of East Asian Studies
(The University of Manila)
v.3 no.3, 1954-v.9 no.4, 1960 29下
Journal of International Political Economy v.1 no.1, 1996-v.2 no.1, 1998 Office
Journal of International Studies v.2, 1985-v.8, 1992 6下
Journal of Japanese Linguistics
(formerly: Papers in Japanese Linguistics)
v.12, 1990-v.36, 2020 I-4
Journal of Japanese Studies v.1, 1974- Office
Journal of Japanese Trade and Industry
(title changed to: Economy, Culture and History: Japan Spotlight Bimonthly)
v.1 no.1, 1982-v.22 no.5, 2003 Office
Journal of Northeast Asian Studies
(title changed to: East Asia: an International Quarterly)
v.1 no.1, 1982-v.15 no.4, 1996 B上
*Journal of Policy Studies
5 years F-3
Journal of Social and Political Ideas in Japan
(title changed to: Japan Interpreter)
v.1, 1963-v.5, 1967 14下
Journal of the American Oriental Society v.76, 1956- v.128 no.4, 2008 H-3, C上, D上
Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese
(title changed to: Japanese Language and Literature)
v.10, 1975-v.34, 2000 Office, 4下
Journal of the Japan-Netherlands Institute v.1, 1989-v.10, 2010 E下
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies v.1, 1987-v.38, 2015 Office
(formerly: Asahi Soken Ripoto AIR 21)
1 year C-4
*Jutaku Tokushu
1 year E下, 24
Kagami v.2 no.4, 1963-v.6 no.3, 1968 19
Kagami: Neue Folge v.1 no.2, 1974-v.4 no.1, 1977 19
Kaiko no Hiroba
Current Issue A-7
(formerly: Boletín de la Asociación de Estudios Japoneses de España)
no.2, 1995-Special iss., 1997 I-3
*Kankyo to Kogai
2 years C-7
*Katei Gaho: Japan’s Art & Culture Magazine = 家庭画報 5 years B-2
KBS Bulletin on Japanese Culture no.17, 1956-no.115, 1972 22
Keidanren Review of Japanese Economy no.106, 1987-no.150, 1995 29
Kinyu Keizai Tokei Geppo
(formerly: Keizai Tokei Gepo 経済統計月報)
Current Issue C-7
Kokuritsu Gekijo Bunraku Koen
Current Issue B-2
Kokuritsu Gekijo Kabuki Koen
Current Issue B-2
Kokuritsu Gekijo Shimpa Koen
Current Issue B-2
Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Geppo
3 years Office
Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Nempo
Current Issue Office
Kokuritsu Seiyo Bijutsukanho
Current Issue A-6
Kokuritsu Seiyo Bijutsukan Kenkyu Kiyo
Current Issue A-5
Kokusai Bukkyogaku Daigakuin Daigaku Kenkyu Kiyo
Current Issue B-7
Kokusai Bunka Kaikan Kaiho
v.1 no.1, 1990-v.24 no.2, 2013 A下
Kokusai Bunka Kaikan no Ayumi
v.1, 1955-v.63, 2018 会館出版物
Kokusai Koryu Kikin Nempo
Current Issue A-5
Koku to Bunka
Current Issue B-2
La Lettre de la Bibliothèque Current Issue A-4
Late Imperial China v.6, 1985-v.14 no.2, 1993 14下
Literature East & West v.9 no.2, 1965-v.21 no.4, 1977 7上
Local Government Review in Japan no.4, 1976-no. 33, 2005 6下
*Memoirs of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko, the Oriental Library no.5, 1930- D-3, 8下
*MERI’s Monthly Circular 3 years C-6
Minpaku Anthropology Newsletter Current Issue A-7
Modern Asian Studies v.1, 1967-v.7, 1973 14下
Monetary and Economic Studies Current Issue A-3
Monkey business: New Writing From Japan v.1, 2011-v.7, 2017 11下
Monumenta Nipponica: Studies in Japanese Culture v.1, 1938- Office, 2下
1 year B-3
*Nanzan Shukyo Bunka Kenkyujo Kenkyujoho
南山宗教文化研究所 研究所報
5 years E-5
*Nation 1 year J-4
National Diet Library Newsletter
(available at:
no.73-no.106 Office
*National Geographic Magazine 2 years J-4
National Theatre of Japan 1967-1996 11下
NCC Newsletter iss.19, 2006-iss.21, 2008 Office
NCC Shukyo Kenkyujo Nyusu
Current Issue A-3
*New Yorker 1 year J-3
News from EurAsia
Current Issue A-2
Newsletter of Research on Japanese Politics
(title changed to: Japan Political Research)
v.13, 1982-v.18, 1987 I-2
NFAJ Newsletter
Current Issue B-7
NHK Hoso Bunka Kenkyujo Nenpo: Hoso Kenkyu to Chosa
NHK放送文化研究所年報: 放送研究と調査
Current Issue C-5
*Nicchu Bunka Koryu
1 year A-3
no.1, 1988- E-1, 28
Nichibunken Newsletter
(available at:
v.1 no.1, 1988-no.98, 2018 A下
Nichi-Futsu Bunka
Current Issue E-4
Nichi-Futsu Toshokan Joho Kenkyu
3 years Office
Nihon Geijutsu Bunka Shinkokai Nyusu
Current Issue A-1
Nihon Kenkyu
(International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
no.9, 1993- E-3, 28
Nihon no Sanko Tosho Shiki-ban
日本の参考図書 四季版
no.95, 1989- Office
*Nihongo Kyoiku
1 year E-2
NIRA Report no.1, 1984-v-3 no.1, 1986 9下
NIRA Research Output v.1 no.1, 1988-v.17 no.2, 2004 Office
NIRA Review Win.,1993-Win., 2001 Office
Nouvelles (日仏会館・日仏協会通信) Current Issue A-2
NRI Quarterly: Japan Viewpoint v.1, 1992-v.8, 2000 Office
NWEC Newsletter
(available at:

v.2 no.2, 1985-v.23 no.1, 2006 E下
OAG Notizen Current Issue A-1
*Occasional Papers 1 year D-4
*ONBEAT: Bilingual Quarterly for Art and Culture from the Edge of the East 1 year B-4
(formerly: Today’s Japan)
v.6 no.1, 1961-v.12 no.2, 1967 19
Orientations v.46 no.6, 2015- B-5, 22
*Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices 1 year C-5
Pacific Affairs v.26, 1953- F-3, D上, E上
Pacific and American Studies Current Issue C-4
*Pacific Business and Industries, RIM 3 years C-8
Pacific Community : An Asian Quarterly Review v.1 no.3, 1970-v.8 no.4, 1977 5下
Pacific Review v.1, 1988- F-3, G下, J上
Peace Culture: Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation v.1 no.48, 2002- A-4
Peace Research in Japan 1973, 1976, 1977-78, 1981-84 7下
Peace Studies Bulletin
(formerly: Peace Studies Newsletter)
no.20, 2001 C下
Peace Studies Newsletter
(title changed to: Peace Studies Bulletin)
no.4, 1984-no.19, 2000 C下
Poetry Kanto
no.5, 1988-no.28, 2012 I-4
Poetry Nippon no.1, 1967-no.103, 1993; no.2, 2001-no.9, 2008; no.1, 2010-no.2, 2011 I-4
Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique v.4, no.2, 1997- H-1, H上
Process Architecture 80-125(日本関係のみ) 24
Publisher’s Review
Current Issue J-2
Reeds v.2, 1956-v.18, 1988 Office
Research Bulletin of the National Institute for Educational Research no.1, 1959-no.10 1971: no.25, 1987-no.28, 1997 7上
Research Papers in East Asian Studies no.1, 1993-no.2, 1994 H上
Resource Material Series (UNAFEI) no.1, 1971-no.30, 1986 13下
*Review of Asian and Pacific Studies 3 years G-4
Review of Japanese Culture and Society v.1, 1986-v.27, 2015 Office
Review of Population & Social Policy
(formerly: Review of Social Policy)
no.7, 1998-no.10, 2001 I-3
Review of Social Policy
(title changed to: Review of Population & Social Policy)
no.1, 1992-no.6, 1997 I-3
Review: a Journal for the Study of Communism and Communist Countries in Japan no.1, 1964-no.44, 1977 7下
Santori Bijutsukan Nyusu
Current Issue A-6
Science & Technology in Japan v.1 no.2, 1982- Office
Security Studies = 安全保障研究 2 years C-2
Seibunken Meru
no.10, 2009-no.19, 2015 A下
Current Issue A-1
Seikatsu Bunka Kenkyujo Nenpo
no.19, 2006-no.30, 2016 B下
1 year J-1
Sekai no Nihon Kenkyu
no.1, 1990-no.6, 1994 29
Senmon Toshokan
3 years Office
Sengokuyama Bukkyogaku Ronshu
Current Issue D-2
Senri Ethnological Studies no.18, 1986- B-4, 16下
*Shakkei: the Journal of the Japanese Garden Society 10 years B-3
*Shibusawa Kenkyu
5 years C-1
*Shin Kenchiku
1 year E下, 24
Shosai no Mado
Current Issue A-1
Sino-Japanese Studies v.1, 1988-v.15, 2003 D-6
Social Science Japan no.1, July 1994-no.60, 2019 I-2
Social Science Japan Journal
(formerly: Annals of the Institute of Social Science)
v.1, no.1, 1998- I-2
Speaking of Japan 1982-1990 21
Stockholm Journal of East Asian Studies v.3, 1991-v.17, 2007 H-2
Summaries of Selected Japanese Magazines
(title changed to: Japanese Magazine Review)
25, 26
*Taiwan Review
(formerly: Taipei Review)
1 year H-1
Tenri Journal of Religion no.6, 1964-no.12, 1975 29下
*Time 1 year J-2
Today’s Japan
(title changed to: Orient / West)
v.2 no.6, 1957-v.5 no.12, 1960 19
Toho Gakkaiho
Current Issue A-5
2 years D-1
Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan Nyusu
Current Issue A-6
Tokyo Metropolitan News
(formerly: Tokyo Municipal News)
v.41 no.3, 1991-v.51 no.3, 2002 E下
Tokyo Municipal News
(title changed to: Tokyo Metropolitan News)
v.12 no.2, 1962-v.39 no.4, 1989 E下
Tokyo-to Toshokan Kyokaiho
3 years Office
Current Issue A-1
Toshyokan Zasshi
2 years Office
Toyota Zaidan Nenji Hokokusho
Current Issue A-5
Traditions v.1, 1976-v.4, 1981 13下
Translation Series no.1, 1959-no. 56, 1962 8上
Understanding Japan no.1, 1960-no.81, 1997 6下
UniJapan Film Quarterly no.1, 1958-no.49, 1970 12下
U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal: English Supplement no.1, 1991-no.54, 2018 29
Virginia Review of Asian Studies v.1, 1999-v.11, 2008 H-4
Waseda Journal of Asian Studies v.1, 1979-v.25, 2004 29下
Waseda Political Studies v.27, 1995-v.35, 2003 20
*Wittenberg University East Asian Studies Journal 3 years H-4
*Wochi Kochi
(formerly: Kokusai Koryu)
v.9, 2006-v.32, 2009 B下
Women’s Asia 21: Voices from Japan no.1, 1995-no.36, 2022 E-4
*Working Papers in Contemporary Asian Studies
(Lund University)
1 year H-1
Young East: A Quarterly Bulletin on Buddhism and Japanese Culture: New Series v.1, 1975-v.11-3, 1985 19
Young East: Japanese Buddhist Quarterly v.2 no.8, 1953-v.15 no.6, 1966 19
Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht no.1, 1996- I-3, J上