Newly Arrived Books (July 2014)

The newly arrived books in the library are now on display.

A list of books received in the past 40 days (continuously updated)

Recommended materials by the library staff from newly arrived books:

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1. Shinto shrines: a guide to the sacred sites of Japan’s ancient religion / Joseph Cali with John Dougill; illustrations by Geoff Ciotti
University of Hawaiʻi Press, 2013

This is a guidebook introducing 57 Japanese shrines, mainly in Tokyo, Nara, and Kyoto. The book gives various information including the history, architecture, main festivals, and prayers offered, as well as basic information such as the address, access, and enshrined kami of each shrine. At the beginning of the book, an outline of Shinto is introduced with illustrations.

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2. Maritime strategy and national security in Japan and Britain: from the first alliance to post-9/11 / edited by Alessio Patalano
Global Oriental, 2012

From the first alliance in 1902 to the present, the book explores Anglo-Japanese relations focusing on naval military history and sea power, as well as looking at geographic similarities.

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3. Political institutions and elderly care policy: comparative politics of long-term care in advanced democracies / Takeshi Hieda
Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Although most advanced industrialized countries are facing population aging and other social changes, public long-term care programs for the aged are remarkably diverse across them. This is particularly true in relation to the electoral rules, party systems and degrees of competitiveness a political institution may have. This book accounts for the variations in elderly care policy by combining statistical analysis with historical case studies of Sweden, Japan and the United States.

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4. Imaging disaster: Tokyo and the visual culture of Japan’s great earthquake of 1923 / Gennifer Weisenfeld
University of California Press, 2012

Examining the photographs, cartoons, picture postcards and newspapers dealing with the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, the author demonstrates how those visual materials contributed to historical understanding of the disaster.

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5. Helen Waddell’s writings from Japan / edited and introduced by David Burleigh
Irish Academic Press, 2005

The book collects the autobiographical works and writings based on experiences in Japan of the Tokyo-born Irish writer and medieval Latin scholar Helen Waddell (1889-1965).

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6. Red Demon / by Hideki Noda; translation and adaptation by Roger Pulvers; British adaptation by Hideki Noda and Matt Wilkinson
Oberon, 2003

An English version script of Red Demon (Akaoni) by Hideki Noda, premiered in 1996. The play was performed at the Yong Vic Theatre in 2003, which was the first public performance in Europe for Noda.

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7. Memory maps: the state and Manchuria in postwar Japan / Mariko Asano Tamanoi
University of Hawaiʿi Press, 2009

The author approaches her investigation of Manchuria’s colonization and collapse as a complex “history of the present,” which in postcolonial studies refers to the examination of popular memory of past colonial relations of power. She has created four “memory maps” that draw on the recollections of former Japanese settlers, their children who were left in China and later repatriated, and Chinese who lived under Japanese rule in Manchuria. She considers theoretical questions of “the state” and the relationship between place, voice, and nostalgia.

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