[Library] Newly Arrived Books (November 2014)

The newly arrived books in the library are now on display.

A list of books received in the past 40 days (continuously updated)

Recommended materials by the library staff from newly arrived books:

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1. Miraculous growth and stagnation in post-war Japan / edited by Koichi Hamada … [et al.]
(Routledge studies in the modern world economy, 91)
Routledge, 2011

This volume examines different aspects of the Japanese experience in a comparative context. There is much here of relevance to contemporary developing countries anxious to initiate the experience of miraculous growth and anxious to avoid the subsequent stagnation.

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2. Silver wind : the arts of Sakai Hōitsu (1761-1828) / Matthew P. McKelway ; essays by Kobayashi Tadashi and Yasumura Toshinobu ; translated by Midori Oka
Japan Society , Yale University Press (distributor), 2012

A catalogue of an exhibition of Sakai Hōitsu, Japanese painter of the Rimpa School during the Edo period, presented at the Japan Society Gallery, New York, in 2012. It introduces 58 works, including Waves (Namizu byobu), which was exhibited at the United States for the first time, and works by Suzuki Kiitsu, who was a successor to Hōitsu, along with color pictures.

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3. The Pursuit of Harmony : poetry and power in early Heian Japan / Gustav Heldt
East Asia Program Cornell University, 2008

This book discuss the Heian court of the late ninth and early tenth centuries, one of the most innovative and influential periods in the history of Japanese poetry. It witnessed the creation of entirely new forms of verse in poetry matches, screen poems, and officially sponsored anthologies, none of which had a precedent in earlier times.

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4. Itō Hirobumi : Japan’s first prime minister and father of the Meiji Constitution / Takii Kazuhiro ; translated by Takechi Manabu ; edited by Patricia Murray
Routledge, 2014

A English translation of Itō Hirobumi : chi no seijika, published in 2010 and awarded the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences. The book portrays Itō Hirobumi from three viewpoints: civilization, constitutional state, and popular government.

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