[Library] Newly Arrived Books (March 2015)

The newly arrived books in the library are now on display.

A list of books received in the past 40 days (continuously updated)

Recommended materials by the library staff from newly arrived books:

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1. Sacred high city, sacred low city: a tale of religious sites in two Tokyo neighborhoods / Steven Heine
Oxford University Press, 2012

The author uses case studies of religious sites at two representative but contrasting Tokyo neighborhoods in order to examine a variety of issues regarding how contemporary Japanese society regards the role of traditional religion.

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2. Rise of a Japanese Chinatown: Yokohama, 1894-1972 / Eric C. Han
Harvard University Asia Center, Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2014

The book is about the history of the community of Chinese immigrants in Japan, focusing on the Yokohama Chinatown, especially the period from the start of the Sino-Japanese War in 1894 to the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations in 1972.

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3. Japanese women and the transnational feminist movement before World War II / Taeko Shibahara
Temple University Press, 2014

This book traces the development of feminist consciousness in Japan from 1871 to 1941. The author uncovers some fascinating histories as she examines how middle-class women navigated between domestic and international influences to form ideologies and strategies for reform.

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4. International education policy in Japan in an age of globalisation and risk / Robert W. Aspinall
Global Oriental, 2013

People visiting Japan for the first time are startled by one of the great mysteries of Japan – why the level of spoken English is so low. This book tries to clear up that mystery. The author has investigated policy for, and the practices of, English-language education in Japan in long-standing research, and discusses it based on the two concepts of “globalisation” and “risk.”

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