[Lunchtime Lecture] Understanding Islamic Culture through “Islamic Finance”

  • *This lecture has finished.
  • Lecturer: Sakurai Hideko, (Professor, Chuo University)
  • Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 12:15-1:30 pm
  • Venue: Kabayama-Matsumoto Room, Intenational House of Japan
  • Language: Japanese (without English interpretation)
  • Admission: 1,000 yen (Student rate: 500 yen, IHJ members: Free)
  • Reservation required *Lunch is NOT included.
Though Japan is importing about 95% of its oil from Islamic countries, the understanding of the Islamic culture is still quite vague for the Japanese. In this program we will invite Professor Sakurai, one of the leading researchers on Islamic finance, to talk about its history, background and its potential in order to understand Islamic culture.

Sakurai Hideko

Photo:Sakurai HidekoAreas of specialization are Middle East studies, Islamic social thought, and Islamic economics. During her stay in Iran after its revolution, she conducted her study with researchers who had been driving forward the field of Islamic finance. She received her Doctorate in Business Administration from Meiji University. She has worked at The Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies of Ministry of Higher Education in Iran as a visiting researcher, and at Sakushin Gakuin University as professor, before assuming her current position in 2009. Her books include: Islamic Finance: Understanding a System in Which Gift-Giving and Exchange Coexist [Isuraamu Kin’yuu: Zoyo to Koukan, sono Kyozon no Shisutemu wo Toku] (Shinhyoron, 2008).