I-House Director Hiroaki Miyata (Professor, Keio University) appointed Global Trustee and the Japan chair of the Commons Project.

As COVID-19 related travel restrictions are starting to loosen in some parts of the world, I-House is joining a global effort launched by the Commons Project (TCP) to design a universal framework for safe border reopening. TCP’s Tokyo secretariat office has been established within I-House.

Founded with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and based in Switzerland, TCP is a non-profit public trust building global digital services and platforms for the common good. In collaboration with the World Economic Forum and a broad coalition of public and private partners, it aims to launch CommonPass, a standard global framework enabling people to document and present their COVID-19 status to facilitate international travel while protecting individual data privacy.

Our collaboration with TCP is a part of the “Value Co-Creation Academy,” a new I-House project led by Professor Miyata to create a better society with data science. Through its collaboration with TCP and its other activities in the Academy, I-House is contributing to overcoming such global challenges as fighting infectious disease and reconnecting people around the world in these unprecedented times.

I-House Chairman James Kondo is also a Global Trustee of TCP.

For details about TCP, please visit https://www.i-house.or.jp/eng/programs/activities/tcp/.