[Nitobe Kokusai Juku Public Lecture] Kôgei –Japanese Traditional Crafts Opening New Doors

  • *This event has finished.
    • Lecturer: Murose Kazumi (Urushi (lacquer) artist, Living National Treasure)
    • Date: Saturday, November 28, 2015, 1:30-3:00 pm
    • Venue: Lecture Hall, International House of Japan
    • Language: Only available in Japanese (without English interpretation)
    • Admission: Free (reservations required)

    Traditional kôgei has enriched Japanese culture. Mr. Murose conveys the traditional beauty and heart of Japan to the world as well as passing it on to both current and future generations through urushi (lacquer) art. He will talk about the essence of Japanese culture that can be seen through Japan’s kôgei (crafts) ―its processes and techniques― and the significance of the urushi tradition that is highly evaluated outside of Japan as well.
    * Before the lecture, a 12-min documentary film featuring Mr. Murose and his work will be shown between 1:00-1:25pm. So, please come in early if interested.

    Murose Kazumi (Urushi (lacquer) artist, Living National Treasure)
    Photo: Mr. Murose was born in Tokyo in 1950 and obtained an M.A. from Tokyo University of the Arts, specializing in urushi arts. Designated as a holder of an important intangible cultural heritage for maki-e technique and presented with the Purple Ribbon Medal in 2008. He currently serves as Vice Chairperson of the Japan Art Crafts Association. Apart from his creative work, he devotes his time in Japan as well as abroad for the restoration of cultural assets. He also travels abroad for exhibitions and lectures to advocate Japan’s beauty, especially urushi.