Application Form (Sakura_Party2022)

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    Application Form

    I-House Sakura Party 2022

    Date: Friday, April 1, 6:30–8:00 pm (doors open 6:00 pm)
    Venue: Banquet Rooms & Garden, I-House
    Eligibility: I-House members and their guests
    Menu: Chef’s Special Ohanami Menu (Non-alcoholic pairings are also available.)
    Yozakura Gozen
     Ball shaped Temari sushi
     Assorted vegetable tempura
     Roasted beef
     Sakura-flavored yuba(soy milk skin)
     Sakura soba noodles, clear soup
     Sakura cocktail and three paired wines
    Admission: 15,000 yen per person (Includes meal and paired drinks, tax included)
    *This event is exclusively for IHJ members, but each member may bring up to three guests.
    *Menu for teenagers (paired soft drinks, 13,000 yen) and Kids Plate (paired soft drinks, 4,000 yen) are also available (reservations required).
    Capacity: 60 seats (4 people each at 15 tables; reserved seat
    *We will stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.

    * mandatory

    Your name (First name, Family name)*
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    - Each Member may bring up to three guests (reservation required, admission fee will be charged for the number of guests). If you wish to, please provide guest's names here.
    - Please let us know if you/your guests have any dietary restrictions including allergies, or if you/they prefer a non-alcoholic pairing.
    - Please let us know the ages and meal requirements for any accompanying teenagers and children. The Menu for teenagers (paired soft drinks, 13,000 yen) and Kids Plate (paired soft drinks, 4,000 yen) are available upon reservation.
    - Booking is free for preschoolers who do not need meals.

    Important Reminders
    - Charges will be collected at the door by cash or credit cards, or payment on invoice.
    - A cancellation fee (the full amount) will be charged for any cancellations and reductions in the number of people made after 12:00 pm on Friday, March 25.
    - The windows facing the garden will be opened for regular ventilation, so please dress warmly when you come visit us.
    - There will be a photo session by a professional photographer at the event, and images will be shared among the guests later through a web service with a private-sharing setting. If you do not wish to be photographed or have your photos shared among the participants, please be careful not to be in the photos.

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