[Special Lecture Series for I-House Members]
Creating Data Infrastructure as a Common Good: The Significance and Potential of the Digital Vaccination Certificate

** This event now concluded.

  • Speakers: Hiroaki MIYATA (Professor, Keio University; Global Trustee and Japan Chair, The Commons Project)
                    James KONDO (Chairman, International House of Japan; Global Trustee of TCP)
  • Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 7:00-8:00 pm (JST)
  • Venue: Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall
  • Language: Japanese (without interpretation)
  • Capacity: 60 seats (free of charge, first-come-first-served basis)
        *This event is exclusively for I-House members.

  • Two years have passed since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported, but the world still faces restrictions to cross-border travel and in-person meetings.

    Founded with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and based in Switzerland, The Commons Project (TCP) is a non-profit public trust creating global digital services and platforms for the common good. I-House serves as the TCP’s Japan secretariat office and is working with the World Economic Forum and a broad coalition of public and private partners to advance the social implementation of digital technologies, including the building of data infrastructure as a common good.

    To date, the Project has conducted demonstration experiments of the CommonPass digital framework that can expedite the reopening of borders, help protect people’s lives and data privacy, and restore socioeconomic and cultural activities. It has also contributed to the adoption of technologies used in the Japanese government’s digital vaccination certificate.

    In this lecture, I-House Director Hiroaki Miyata who leads the CommonPass project and Chairman James Kondo will discuss the significance of I-House’s efforts toward “the creation of a free, open, and sustainable future,” prospects for future international development, and the potential for a domestic consortium.

    Click here for more information about The Commons Project (TCP)

    Hiroaki Miyata (Professor, Keio University; Global Trustee and Japan Chair, The Commons Project)
    Dr. Miyata is Professor of Health Policy and Management at the School of Medicine, Keio University, and Director of the International House of Japan. Specializing in data science and healthcare policies, he has been involved in the developments of various health-related projects including the National Clinical Database, a clinical registry database involving 5,000 hospitals all over Japan, and more recently, nationwide COVID-related Line surveys led by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. He also works with the World Economic Forum and the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) to create a new social vision, and is a Thematic Project Producer of World Expo 2025. Author of Kyomei suru mirai: Data kaikaku de umidasu korekara no sekai [The Resounding Future: The Future World Created by the Data Revolution] (Kawade Shinsho, 2020).
    James Kondo (Chairman, International House of Japan; Global Trustee, TCP)

    James is an executive whose career spans technology, social, government, business, and academic sectors. In the technology arena, James is Co-Chairman of Silicon Valley Japan Platform and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan. He was formerly Vice President of Twitter Inc. and Chairman of Twitter Japan KK. In the social sector, he is a co-founder of TABLE FOR TWO and Beyond Tomorrow, and currently serves as a global trustee and co-chair of Asia Society Japan Center. James is Visiting Professor at the Keio University School of Medicine. He formerly co-directed the healthcare policy and social leadership program (HSP) at the University of Tokyo. In the policy sector, James was Special Advisor at the Cabinet Office and Director at the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Japan, and is a board member and president of Asia Pacific Initiative Foundation, a think-tank based in Tokyo. He is a graduate of Keio University and Harvard Business School and a Yale World Fellow, and was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (Davos), Asia21 Fellow by the Asia Society, Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy, and Inamori Fellow by the Inamori Foundation.