[Online: Special Lecture Series for I-House Members]
A Disruptive World and the Mission of the International House of Japan

    ** This event now concluded.**

  • Speaker: Haruo SHIMADA (Chairperson, Tokyo Metropolitan Public University Corporation; Professor Emeritus, Keio University)
  • Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 6:30~7:30 pm
  • Place: Zoom (Online)
  • Language: Japanese (without interpretation)
  • Admission: Free (Registration required)

I-House is holding a special lecture series exclusively for our members, inviting world-renowned individuals as guest speakers. In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, we have rescheduled the lecture with Dr. Haruo Shimada, Chairperson of Tokyo Metropolitan Public University in a webinar format.

“The International House of Japan was founded in 1952 to back up the participation of Japan in the San Francisco Treaty. Japan has since then enjoyed peace and economic development thanks to the framework of Pax Americana. Recently, however, the world has been shaken by the Trump administration, Brexit, the US-China confrontation on trade and high tech hegemony, and the COVID-19 pandemic which may well destruct the beneficial postwar system. Gazing at such historic turmoil, we need to work for the formation of new intellectual views of private sector as to what we should do to reconstruct the world and Japan. I would like to think about such tasks together with you.”

Together with our Chairman Kondo, the challenges and new perspectives which have been highlighted through the confusion over the spread of coronavirus will be also shared. As there will be a question-and-answer session after the lecture, please feel free to ask questions when you register.

Haruo SHIMADA (Chairperson, Tokyo Metropolitan Public University Corporation; Professor Emeritus, Keio University)
Born in 1943, Dr. Shimada received an M.A. degree in 1967 from Keio Graduate School and obtained a Ph.D. in industrial relations from the University of Wisconsin. He served the Japanese Government as special advisor to Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi from 2001 till 2006, particularly in the area of creating new industries and employment. He has written numerous books and articles in the fields of economic policies, labor economics and industrial relations and international relations including Kiro 3.11 to nihon no saisei [Japan at a Crossroads: 3.11 and Japan’s Recovery] (NTT Publishing Co., Ltd., 2011), Seisui nihonkeizaisaisei no yoken [Prerequisites for Japan’s Recovery] (Toyo Keizai Inc., 2012), and Nihonkeizai hinshi no yamai wa ko naose! [How to Save the Japanese Economy from Its Deadly Disease?] (Gentosha Inc., 2018).