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We will also upload information on non-IHJ sponsored programs held at I-House.
Please note that we only post programs that are appropriate and open to the public.


‘Prospects of Increasing Geopolitical Risks and Its Solutions
–How To Live in an Era of New Normal’
Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo
Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo
Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo
[The Japan Foundation Awards 2016 Commemorative Lecture]
The Enigma of U.S.-Japan Relations: A 50-year Perspective

How to post information

If you wish to post information about your program on this page, please download the form, fill in ALL the boxes and send it to the Banquet Office.

Application Form


Banquet Office
International House of Japan
TEL: 03-3470-4616 (10:00 am-7:00 pm)
FAX: 03-3470-3210