Lecture Series with Indo-Pacific Leaders

Webinar Series 2024: Leaders Shaping the Indo-Pacific

The I-House webinar series on “Leaders Shaping the Future of the Indo Pacific” features speakers from the Indo-Pacific region who are working to overcome social divisions and use their expertise to build a more cooperative society.

Conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, as well as growing tensions in the US-China relationship, have sown discord between nations and ideologies and raised the risk of deeper fragmentation around the world. Conflicts create food and energy crises and exacerbate problems relating to human rights, refugees, and poverty, not to mention the political economy. How can we mitigate such fragmentation and maintain peace and stability?

In fiscal 2024, we will deepen our understanding of Islam in Asia from the perspective of food and women leadership by welcoming experts affiliated with Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), currently the biggest Islamic organizations in Indonesia, and female peace activists who negotiated with Islamic armed groups in the Philippines.

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Organizer: International House of Japan
Sponsor: MRA Foundation


[Webinar Series 2024: Leaders Shaping the Indo-Pacific]
#1 “What Is Halal?: Understanding Islam through Halal Food in a Contemporary Minority Context”