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[Publications] The I-House Quarterly Winter 2018 issue now available
[Publications] The I-House Quarterly Fall 2017 issue now available
[Publications] Nitobe Leadership Program Proceedings 5: Henyo suru sekai to Rīdāshippu (A Changing World and Changing Leadership) now available
[I-House Press] Henyo suru Sekai to Ridashippu
(A Changing World and Changing Leadership)
[Publications] The I-House Quarterly Summer 2017 issue now available
[Publications] The I-House Quarterly Spring 2017 issue now available
[Publications] The 52nd Annual Translation Publishing Award from the Japan Society of Translators
[Publications] The I-House Quarterly Winter 2017 issue now available
[I-House Press] Sekai o Hiraku Rida Tachi e
(Messages for Young Leaders in a Global Age)
The I-House Quarterly Spring 2015 issue now available
The I-House Quarterly Winter 2015 issue is now out
The I-House Quarterly Fall 2014 issue is now out
[I-House Press] Kiki o Ikinuku Ridashippu (Leadership in a Time of Crisis)
[I-House Press] The First Fifty-five Years of the International House of Japan: Genesis, Evolution, Challenges, and Renewal
[I-House Press] Gurohbaruka to ridashippu (Globalization and Leadership)
[I-House Press] Taction: The Drama of the Stylus in Oriental Calligraphy
[I-House Press] The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality
[I-House Press] Demystifying Pearl Harbor: A New Perspective from Japan
[I-House Press] International House of Japan: Cultural Bridge Between East and West
[I-House Press] Ridashippu to kokusaisei (Leadership and Internationalism)
[I-House Press] The Edo Inheritance
[I-House Press] Japan in Trade Isolation, 1926-37 and 1948-85
[I-House Press] Learning for Life: The Kumon Way
[I-House Press] Escape from Impasse: The Decision to Open Japan
[I-House Press] Japan’s Lost Decade
[I-House Press] Maruyama Masao and the Fate of Liberalism in Twentieth-Century Japan
[I-House Press] Doing It Our Way: A Sony Memoir
[I-House Press] Contradictions of Globalization: Democracy, Culture, and Public Sphere
[I-House Press] Japan and Its Worlds: Marius B. Jansen and the Internationalization of Japanese Studies
[I-House Press] The Meiji Constitution: The Japanese Experience of the West and the Shaping of the Modern State